Wrestling with a Personal Goal This Year? Remember This Important Point…

If you’re wrestling with a personal goal this year, the reality is that sacrifices will need to be made to achieve it. Period. On the positive side, though, giving up an old mindset or behavior can actually lighten the load mentally, emotionally, and physically! And it’s a great way to authentically lead others.

Years after my mom’s passing, she is still a legendary schoolteacher and leadership example in the community where I grew up. One of her students made her a sign that hung on a wall in her class and ultimately in our home. It said – “The elevator to success is not working. You’ll have to take the stairs.”

That sign made a great point, and seeing it often sealed in my mind the principle that success is usually a series of steps that require diligent, hard work for any profession. Keep pressing towards your goal in life and leadership—you can do it!

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