Why Veterans Day is Important for All Leaders and Citizens – Please Read

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Editor’s Note: As we celebrate Veterans Day 2013, we asked Lee Ellis to share his thoughts on the importance of this observance and why its critical to keep them in our thoughts and prayers on a regular basis –

“Often when I speak to large groups, I’ll ask for a show of hands of those who have a veteran in their immediate family—as parent, spouse, sibling, or child. I’m amazed to see the hands of 60-80 % of the audience go up.

The truth is that most of us are closely connected to a veteran, and we appreciate what they have done and are doing. This week, I stopped to reflect on the rigorous training, the deployments, and the service that our veterans have endured to protect our freedoms. I’m so grateful and in awe of their sacrifices and just as much for their families who have also sacrificed so much along the way.

I still cannot fully comprehend the pain and suffering my family went through when my aircraft went down and pain of not knowing for sure if I was dead or alive. Then when they found out I was a POW, they endured more than five the years of knowing I was in a far-away communist prison camp but not knowing what torture and deprivation I might be suffering.

Many of our veterans are still carrying a heavy load of pain and suffering, and we need to honor them and all who have served. Please take time out this weekend to reflect on their sacrifices, and where possible let them know of your gratitude.

This short commercial below has no words, but you will get the message; we love and honor our vets—young and old.” LE

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