Two Inspiring, Special Leaders – See If You Agree

Lee Ellis met two special people recently.

Jessica Cox, born without arms but the first pilot to ever be certified as a pilot by the FAA , flying with her feet.

Dana Bowman, lost both his legs in an Army skydiving accident and wears two prosthesis. His motto applies here: “It is not the Disability, it is the Ability”. Dana has over 4000 jumps.

Great leaders overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges – Be encouraged today!

photo 1

photo 2

From left to right: Howard Putnam, Lee Ellis (Col. USAF Ret. former POW Viet Nam), Jessica Cox, Dana Bowman, Bill Driscoll, David Hart (former Army Ranger, and co-founder Professional SkyDiving team, Team Fastrax)

Click here for more information about Jessica Cox.

Click here for more information about Dana Bowman.

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