Twelve ways to live like a Navy SEAL in 2016 – What’s the Most Important One?

Retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Chris Sajnog, shares his “” below. Which one is the most important one for you this year? Please check them out and share your comments!

  1. Confident — A warrior is sure of himself and has no uncertainty about his own abilities.
  2. Decisive — Displaying no hesitation in battle is vital to survival.
  3. Strong — You need to have a determined will in all that you do. A strong mind can make up for a weak body, but not the other way around.
  4. Skillful — Having the right mindset is vital, but you need a skill set to match.
  5. Active — You need to be moving, doing, or functioning at all times. Ideas and theories are great, but action gets things done.
  6. Aggressive — Being forceful, bold, and energetic — not a pit bull with a bad owner.
  7. Disciplined — Once you have a plan and are confident that you can fulfill it, you must have the discipline required to stick with it.
  8. Vigilant — You never know when danger is going to come knocking, and you need to be prepared to react appropriately.
  9. Patient — Having patience means bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint.
  10. Brave — Brave doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid. It means YOU ARE, but you continue in spite of your fears.
  11. Loyal — A warrior needs direction, and that comes from being faithful to a cause, ideal or institution. Loyalty will keep you guided along your path.
  12. Loving — A warrior has confronted death and understands the value of life. Warriors whose lives are in balance are peaceful, unselfish and compassionate of others. The love of family gives the warrior his energy to constantly train for battle and the strength to survive once he’s there.

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