Training Day – Air Force Personnel Center

What a fantastic training event this week with the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) Talent Division. Their team shared their unique Leadership Behavior DNA talents with the group and learned how they were similar and different from each other. This photo was taken in Freedom Hall where photos are posted of former POWs taking their first flight back to get requalified after we returned in 1973.

Thank you to Division Chief, Maili Peters (pictured on my right), for her leadership and support using natural behavior in their day-to-day work.

(Side Note: Artist Attila Hejja painted the original artwork behind us in 1980. I was the T-38 instructor pilot that took him up for his in-flight experience before the painting was commissioned. It hung in the Pentagon for many years and then moved back to Hangar 12, the T-38 Chargin Cheetah Squadron where I later served as the Squadron Commander.)


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