Today is “Positive Thinking Day” – Need a Boost? Check it Out

Thumbs Up Positive Thinking

Today is “Positive Thinking Day”, so don’t miss it! Here’s an excerpt from Lee’s book, Leading with Honor, on Staying Positive –

“POWs are not alone in facing hardships. All leaders face difficulties and challenges every day. None of us can control what the next day will bring, but there is one thing we all can control: our attitude.

Attitude is crucial for success in any endeavor, and no one influences organizational and individual attitudes more than the leader. Although it’s not easy to turn lemons into lemonade, leaders must strive to do just that by maintaining a positive attitude. We have to expect that we’re going to be handed lemons, sour grapes, rotten deals, and unfair decisions. How we deal with them is the true test of our leadership. Because leaders have such a powerful influence on others, they don’t have the luxury of wallowing in negativity and self-pity. Attitude was not a problem for me as a POW. I believed that someday we would return and things would be okay.

Actually, I had more difficulty with attitude after I returned home to the ‘real world,’ because I expected everything to run smoothly all the time. Of course, that was not the case, and I had to learn to adjust while staying positive.”

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