Tips to Be Grateful in a Season of Negativity

While we’re in this annual season of Thanksgiving, let’s pause, push back on the negativity in our culture, and reflect on our many blessings. Here are some that come to mind for me:  

Faith. The essence of my faith, Christianity, reminds us to live the Ten Commandments and love our neighbor as ourselves, and they’re central to a free and healthy society.

Family. Having lots of unconditional love is the foundation for becoming a healthy person. Since no family is perfect, individually none of us are either.

Friends. As humans, we must have good relationships to be healthy.

Freedom. I’m thankful that we Americans live in the freest country in the world. Let’s pause to reflect objectively on the brilliant, honorable, and sacrificial work that our founding fathers did to create and sustain this great country.

Finances. I’m amazed at how prosperous we are in America today. Growing up as a country boy in Georgia only 60 years ago, some of our neighbors had no electricity and about 20 percent had no indoor plumbing. Some did not have running water. Most people did not go on vacations to resorts, and airline travel was only for the privileged.

Fate and Good Fortune. Now, here’s a challenge for you. Think back over your life history and recall someone who spoke into your life with encouraging words. They brought good fortune to your fate because they helped you believe in yourself. Recall the person, the situation, how you felt, and how it impacted you then and now.

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