Three more accolades about ‘Captured by Love’

Just three more accolades from industry leaders on the powerful stories in ‘Captured by Love’—very grateful for these leaders:


“As someone who has been professionally coached by Lee Ellis, it is great to see Lee (and Greg) apply Lee’s masterful insights into the most important skill, and probably the most difficult skill, to love and support someone over the highs and lows of POW imprisonment and an entire post-war lifetime.”

– Rex Adams, CEO – EyeSouth; Former CEO Payspan and AT&T East Region; USMA 1983, Army Ranger Class 84-85


“Long an admirer of the POWs who returned as heroes, I was enthralled while reading their remarkable love stories! Future generations need to read these stories and learn of the traits that kept the hopes and dreams of these remarkable people alive and thriving during the darkest of times.”

– Gen Mike Hostage USAF (Ret), Former Commander at Air Combat Command


“When I read the book, I decided to share each of these stories with my wife. We have laughed, cried and most of all it has shown us that true love overcomes any and all obstacles.”

– Mike Santiago, President/CEO at Polaris Aviation Solutions, Army Helicopter Pilot – Vietnam


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