The Top Two Training Resources Now Available

Here are the top two resources that Leading with Honor uses to train honorable leaders in all industries across the board. Now, you can purchase them for personal development in “The Courageous Leader Package”

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Here are just a couple of endorsements from past training clients on these resources:

“As our company continues to grow and expand, building a more cohesive leadership team is critical to success. The Leadership Behavior DNA assessment along with the excellent training provided by our consultant Debbie has helped us build trust, improve communication and grow as individuals and in our roles as leaders. This training is going to increase our engagement with all associates and ultimately with our customers.”

– Kim Nelson, CEO, BankSouth Mortgage

“A fellow LBDNA Certified Trainer and I just completed a Leadership Behavior DNA Training and Debrief with 43 military recruiting leaders, and we got a standing ovation when we finished. This training quenched such a thirst, and the team remarked, ‘This is exactly what we needed. We needed to refocus on people and how we treat each other.’

We’re recommending LBDNA Training as much as possible in the other groups. Thank you for what you have built and the huge impact your work is having on leaders. LBDNA Training has been a privilege for me that just keeps on giving!”

– Kevin A, Professionalism and Leadership Trainer





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