The How-To of Team Boundaries and Communication

Quick Leading with Honor Coaching Tip: consistency is the essence of creating good team communication and boundaries.

Along with the commitment to lead with honor as your foundation, here are four practical steps that can guide you forward in everyday communication:  

  1. Clarify.

Make sure everyone understands expectations, the boundaries and their purpose and why they exist. Consequences must also be understood when boundaries are violated. Every sport has a rulebook to clarify the rules and penalties. You need to make sure your expectations and consequences are clear also.

  1. and 3. Connect and Collaborate effectively.

Consider the unique people and groups and how their expectations about boundaries and consequences may be different. For example, sales people will make more mistakes with details than ops people. Always have and always will.  You must connect with them differently.

Discuss boundaries with others. Seek wisdom and be willing to flex when the need arises. Look for areas where you may be setting a boundary that is inappropriate for the current situation. A new hire may need a boundary that may be unnecessary and undermining for an experienced person.

Keep an open and ongoing dialogue about boundaries and help others see the value in them for themselves and the team.

  1. Confront or Celebrate.

Celebrate those who meet expectations and confront those who don’t with appropriate consequences.  Be wise, don’t react, follow up with a balanced and firm response.

To sum it up, the wisdom of the ages reveals that boundaries must exist as guardrails in every area and context of life for many reasons. They faithfully protect us and others from the consequences that come when we transgress into dangerous territory.

Please post your comments and experience on this topic, and also read the entire article on this topic – “How Leadership Behavior Can Affect Team Boundaries





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