The Elmer’s Glue for Better Organizational Development

It takes work to gain clarity by communicating and over-communicating to get alignment. In my 30 years of work in the art and science of natural behavioral assessment, it’s a distinct characteristic that clarity doesn’t come naturally for many leaders not to mention the variety of behavioral profile types on your team that hear and process information differently.

Here’s a gold nugget that also connects us back to communications. But this time, the bottom line is more about listening:

  • Knowledge is powerful.
  • Knowledge shared is more powerful.
  • Knowledge from the people in the company who touch it every day is the most powerful of all.

Strategic listening is not a natural, common practice among busy senior leaders because it requires time and patience and a positive belief in the power and capacity of others. And like all the other great leadership attributes, it also requires the rare leadership combination of confidence and humility that few of us naturally have.

Great leaders know and proactively get input from their people. We’ve discussed some common reasons why this is not easy, but you should reflect objectively on your own personal situation. The bottom line is that leaders need a plan to understand yourself and your natural strengths and struggles, and we use the Leadership Behavior DNA behavioral assessment in our training and consulting for this purpose.

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