The Collision of Leadership and Assessing One’s Natural Strengths and Struggles – A Practical Next Step

Here's a sample results page on this profile designed to better help you lead with honor.

Here’s a sample results page on this profile designed to better help you lead with honor.

The first lesson in Leading with Honor is entitled “Know Yourself”. Before the act of executing decisions in leadership and leading others, the foundational step in leadership is knowing who you are–your strengths, weaknesses, talents, and abilities that uniquely position you for fulfillment and success in life and work. Alternately, this means relieving the pressure of trying to be someone that you’re not wired to be!

Apart from the insights from a trusted friend or colleague, would you agree that taking an assessment gives you an accurate snapshot of the real you? And, have you ever taken an assessment specifically focused on leadership attributes? What has taking various assessment or profiles revealed to you in the past? Are some more accurate than others? We’d appreciate your thoughts and comments on this topic below.

N8Traits, another company owned by Lee Ellis, has developed an insightful profile that helps you pinpoint your natural strengths and struggles to help you lead with honor.

We invite you to take 20 minutes to assess where you are today. And, then use the instant results to help guide your leadership goals for tomorrow.

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After taking this online profile, please share your thoughts with us!

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