The DNA Work Talents Report

Discover Your Natural Talents and Unique Differences

Please Note: the Leading with Honor Report is no longer available, as we have a released the new DNA Work Talents Report. Please read more about it below.

Your best working style is being your authentic self. With this objective knowledge, you‘re better able to authentically work and grow into a better coworker, leader, and person outside of work. Likewise, understanding yourself gives you a much better basis to understand and manage others.

The information in this new report reflects more than 30 years of research and experience in developing individual’s workplace talents, and it is intended to give you a glimpse of your unique talents.

Take 10 minutes to assess where you are today. And, then use the instant results to help guide your leadership goals for tomorrow.

The DNA Work Talents Report

This low-cost, one-page report gives you a broad snapshot about your individual leadership style on getting results, developing relationships, and your communication style as a leader.

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Please note: this report is very limited in scope and is provided for individual/personal awareness and development. This sample is not suitable as a hiring, managing, or any other HR-related function by an organization.

*This profile is provided by Leadership Behavior DNA™ and DNA Behavior®. Please note that Leading with Honor or DNA Behavior does not sell or distribute personal contact information to any third-party organization. Your personal information is safe with us. By taking this assessment, you will also receive additional information about other resources available from Lee Ellis and Leadership Behavior DNA.