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As leaders in life and work, what does connecting with the heart look like?

As leaders in life and work, what does connecting with the heart look like? Typical heart-connecting actions include listening, supporting, encouraging, believing in, and almost any action to connect to the deepest needs of another person in a positive, respectful, and honoring way. Why does it work?  Every human being has deep desires to be […]

New Life FM Event – Leaders in Local Broadcasting

Lee was honored to speak at the NewLifeFM banquet last Saturday. And, he was also excited to be with old friends, host Joe Emert, and emcee Steve Moore, bringing back many memories working with them in Christian radio in the 1990’s. Grateful for their dedicated leadership in local radio broadcasting. Link – New Life FM […]

On This Day in Leadership History for September 11, 2016

On this day in leadership history in 2001, four airliners were hijacked and were intentionally crashed. Two airliners hit the World Trade Center, which collapsed shortly after, in New York City, NY. One airliner hit the Pentagon in Arlington, VA. Another airliner crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. About 3,000 people were killed. What’s the […]

Has Accountability Died In Our Culture? Reviving It, Courageously

Forbes Contributor, Kathy Caprino, spent some time with Lee to talk about the reality that true accountability seems to be a dying trait. In both young and older professionals alike, accountability is clearly waning. According to award-winning author and leadership consultant Lee Ellis, it’s time to reverse this trend of lack of accountability. Please read […]

It’s Worldwide Launch Day for ‘Engage with Honor’! See Inside

Today is Worldwide Launch Day for Engage with Honor! We’ve prepared many months for this day, and we’re excited about sharing this message with you. We’ve created a “Launch Day Package” with multiple resources to help you grow as an honorable leader. Purchase Your Copies ORDER UP TO 9 COPIES AND RECEIVE THIS PACKAGE: Free […]

Running Towards Heart Connections in Leadership

(EDITOR’S NOTE: If you’ve been following our blogs or social media, you know that Lee’s new book, Engage with Honor, has its worldwide release today, September 7th. If you’ve enjoyed Leading with Honor with its POW and business leadership stories and lessons, this fantastic sequel has more stories along with a very practical “how to” […]

On This Day in Leadership History for September 4, 2016

On this day in leadership history in 1957, the Ford Motor Company began selling the Edsel. The car was so unpopular that it was taken off the market only two years. What’s the leadership lesson? Fail fast, take credit for the loss, bounce back, and try again! That’s what honorable leaders do. Edsel – Wikipedia […]

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the Danger of Comparing Leadership Styles

Which leadership style is best for leading our nation? And what’s most important? As leadership spectacles go, the 2016 U.S. presidential election is the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster. It features household names in leading roles, a cast of first-class supporting characters, plenty of compelling villainy and intrigue, and what is shaping up to be […]

On This Day in Leadership History for August 28, 2016

On this day in leadership history in 1830, “The Tom Thumb” was demonstrated in Baltimore, MD. It was the first passenger-carrying train of its kind to be built in America. The leadership lesson? Being an influential leader in areas that help others, inspire and imagine creativity, and generate revenue are honorable goals! Do as many […]