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What’s Your Natural Leadership Gifts and Behaviors? See Inside

The Courageous Leader Package is specifically designed to give leaders unique insight into their personal strengths and struggles while learning 14 leadership lessons from the POW camps of Vietnam. Check out what this package includes, and join other leaders who have chosen to learn more about themselves and their natural leadership gifts and behaviors – […]

Happy Father’s Day from Leading with Honor

Happy Father’s Day from Lee Ellis and the Leading with Honor team! What’s the leadership lesson? Fatherhood is one of the most powerful positions in the world. Whether you have biological children, godchildren, or any influential relationships with children, remember to help guide them into becoming honorable leaders (and have lots of fun, too).   […]

New Documentary Trailer – “Sijan: A Quest for Freedom”

Leading with Honor is helping announce this important new documentary about my friend and Medal of Honor recipient, Lance Sijan (1942-1968). It’s entitled “Sijan: A Quest for Freedom” – please watch the trailer below and learn more about his enduring life and accomplishments.  #NeverForget Lance P. Sijan – Website  

2018 Recommended Leadership Reading List

In a recent article, Lee said, “I’ve found that learning about the sacrifices, suffering, and successes of others equip readers in areas of strategy, tactics, and proven principles that work.” Over the course of several years, Lee Ellis and Leading with Honor have compiled a recommended reading list of leadership books. Check out the list […]

Today is Flag Day!

Today is Flag Day – Let your colors fly today in the land of the free and home of the brave!        

Reading is Leading – 4 Quick Tips on Developing this Habit

Leading with Honor’s focus this month is encouraging leaders to “Read to Lead” as summertime approaches. If you’re already a reader, that is a significant achievement. If you’re not a reader, now is the perfect time to start. Here are four practical tips for personal development: Recognize your struggle. Acknowledge you are missing out and […]

Article – Preparing for a Career in an Industry that Does Not Yet Exist

Great insight, as always, from Ralph de la Vega on “Preparing for a Career in an Industry that Does Not Yet Exist.” Timely advice for those young leaders searching for their new career or those leaders wanting to break new ground. Please read on LinkedIn, and add your comments and advice below – thank you […]

How Successful Leaders Manage Stress

Stress and the urgency of a crisis can overwhelm people to the point where they cannot function.  New leaders are often surprised at the constant demands and daily crises they face.  There are immediate fires to extinguish and important decisions that need attention now. Fellow colleague and consultant, Mary Kelly, offer 6 tips to manage […]

Go Even Deeper in Your Summer Personal Development Plan

The #1 consulting point that Lee gives clients is to know yourself. Self-awareness is like gold for the aspiring honorable leader! We’ve created an in-depth package that our clients regularly use in training events and workshops – The Courageous Leader Package includes: The Leading with Honor book – Read about his five and a half […]

On This Day in Leadership History, June 10the

On this day in leadership history in 1970, a fifteen-man group of special forces troops began training for Operation Kingpin. The operation was a POW rescue mission in North Vietnam. The mission failed, and it would be three years ago before the POWs were finally released. What’s the leadership lesson? Even if the challenges seem […]

How do you gain courage for those challenging conversations?

How do you gain courage for those challenging conversations without withdrawing or dominating? The key is stay engaged and communicate with respect, love, confidence, yet humility. Leading with Honor has the perfect tool to help you called the Courage Challenge Card. Download your free copy or purchase copies for your entire team – check it […]

Jumpstart Your Leadership Influence: 4 Tips to Better Reading

Does the thought of having 7,000 books in your personal library make you giddy or give you trepidation? Recently I read an article highlighting the prolific reading habits of Secretary of Defense James Mattis. He had over 7,000 books in his library when he retired as a general in the U.S. Marine Corp. “Mad Dog […]

Hear Lee Speak – Fifth Annual Warrior Community Integration Symposium

Join Lee as he speaks at the Fifth Annual Warrior Community Integration Symposium, an industry-leading event that brings together hundreds of veteran-serving professionals from across the nation to connect with new resources, educate on trends and solutions using best practices, advocate effectively, and collaborate for future partnerships. Register on their website. Learn More about the […]

On This Day in Leadership History, June 3rd

On this day in leadership history in 1781, Jack Jouett rides to warn Thomas Jefferson of British attack. He was a politician and a hero of the American Revolution, known as the “Paul Revere of the South” for his late night ride to warn Thomas Jefferson. What’s the leadership lesson? Do you have some Jack […]

The Latest Leadership Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have”

The Latest Leadership Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have: Creating the Seven Habits That Make a Remarkable Life” by Greg Hiebert. Executive coach and consultant, Greg Hiebert, has helped coach some high-profile clients and companies and now generously offers this list of habits based on client conversations and experiences. […]