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Video Clip – Developing Millennial Professionals

How different are Millennials in the workforce compared with other generations? Are their leadership needs and desires distinctly different? The reality is that they make up 40% of the current workforce, and that percentage is growing. Author and leadership consultant, Lee Ellis, shares his research and advice on leading this valuable generation of leaders – […]

Golden Advice on Listening and Getting Input

Former CEO and colleague, Tom Crawford, shares this gold nugget about listening and getting internal input:   Knowledge is powerful. Knowledge shared is more powerful. Knowledge from the people in the company who touch it every day is the most powerful of all. Wow! Tom is saying that senior leaders need to be listening to […]

Leading with Honor Training Cards – Fall Development

Use these cards to remind your team every day of the 14 leadership lessons shared in Leading with Honor. Durable and designed for quick scanning and use in the workplace. They are sold in a pack of 10 cards. Visit the Online Store to purchase – thanks        

On This Day in Leadership History, September 23rd

On this day in leadership history in 1838, Victoria Chaflin Woodhull was born. She became the first female candidate for the U.S. Presidency. What’s the leadership lesson? Parents and guardians must cultivate the natural talents and abilities of their children and guide their development. Only time will reveal their destiny as honorable people and leaders! […]

Today is National POW/MIA Recognition Day for 82,000 Americans

Today is POW/MIA Recognition Day. The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency’s mission is to provide the fullest possible accounting for our missing personnel from all past wars and conflicts to their families and the nation. At present, more than 82,000 Americans remain missing from WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and the […]

Confused on how to Vote this Fall?

Now’s the time to research your candidates for upcoming Fall elections. Leading with Honor offers free help in evaluating your candidates for public office. Download a copy of the non-partisan voter guide below, and please share!  

Wisdom from Colin Powell – “Never neglect details”

Leading with Honor Wisdom from Retired General Colin Powell – do you agree? “Never neglect details.  When everyone’s mind is dulled or distracted the leader must be doubly vigilant.” Strategy equals execution.  All the great ideas and visions in the world are worthless if they can’t be implemented rapidly and efficiently.  Good leaders delegate and […]

The Elmer’s Glue of Organizational Development

You have to be honest yet respectful, so what do you say? And how do you say it? Or just leave it alone and say nothing? In a previous article, guest Tom Crawford stressed that communication is the essential ingredient for organizational success. As former Chairman and CEO in three major companies and current member […]

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Leading with Honor Freedom Package – 30% Off

We’re continuing to offer the ‘Leading with Honor Freedom Package’ at 30% off the publisher’s retail price this month. Take one chapter at a time, and set your own pace to read about the 14 leadership lessons Lee learned through the crucible experience of the Vietnam POW camps. Step-by-step instructions guide the facilitator through all […]

On This Day in Leadership History, September 16th

On this day in leadership history in 1924, Jim Bottomley knocked in 12 runs in a single game setting a major league baseball record. What’s the leadership lesson? When you’re on a roll, keep going as long as you can and enjoy the victories. And take as many people with you as you can! Jim […]

Giving Back Spotlight – Wounded Warrior Project

Leading with Honor is privileged to support several worthwhile nonprofit organizations with our time, talent, and revenue. The Wounded Warrior Project’s mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors, and their vision is to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history. Please learn more about the fantastic work […]

FBI’s on-scene commander recalls 9/11

    Today, Leading with Honor remembers those men and women who experienced this horrific day in 2001 and the many who ultimately paid the highest price in loss of life. One experience during this day was our friend and colleague, Wes Wong, the FBI’s on-scene commander during the event. This Daily News article briefly […]

Thankful for these Endorsements – See Inside

Leading with Honor is swooning over endorsements that we continue to receive on Lee’s latest book Engage with Honor—grateful that leaders are being encouraged by this book: “Lee builds on his success in Leading with Honor to give us a framework not only for professional success but lessons for success in life. The impact of […]

Team Development and the 14 Leadership Lessons

Many of our clients launch their Q4 team training and development plans soon, and we’re offering the Leading with Honor Freedom Package at 30% off the publisher’s retail price. Take one chapter at a time, and set your own pace to read about the 14 leadership lessons Lee learned through the crucible experience of the […]

On This Day in Leadership History, September 9th

On this day in leadership history in 1956, Elvis Presley made his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show “Toast of the Town.” Elvis would make a total of three appearances on the show. Check out the clip below. What’s the leadership lesson? Make a positive, unforgettable impression as a leader to others around you. […]

These 4Cs won’t fail in your leadership

We can’t emphasize these 4Cs enough as you communicate with family, friends, and colleagues—it is a recipe for great communication if used on a regular basis. You can also see the full-length infographic on the 4Cs – check it out Please comment on your experiences below – thank you!