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What’s the Root Issue of the Government Shutdown? Notes from the Cliff

(Editor’s Note: Back in January 2013, Lee posted this article when our government was discussing the possibility of a shutdown. Here we are a few months later, and now the possibility has become a reality. Lee addresses an important root issue that affects all of us whether we work in our nation’s capitol, own our […]

5 Steps to Help Obama (or Any Leader) Regain Leadership Confidence

Original OpEd Published by Regardless of your personal vote and support of Barack Obama and his policies, he is our President and Commander in Chief. He sets our foreign policy for the most part and commands our military. Certainly, there are no simple or easy solutions to dealing with whoever is responsible for the […]

Authentic Leadership

by Phil Eastman (Editor’s Note: From time to time, we want to feature blog articles from other authors that highlight a particular issue related to leadership and personal development.) I was once told that the secret to any book’s success is its title. Unfortunately a book title does not always properly portray what is inside. […]

Company Culture Shapes the Way Your Business Operates

By Caitlin Florence (Editor’s Note: From time to time, we want to feature blog articles from other authors that highlight a particular issue related to leadership and personal development.) Company culture and vulnerability were discussed in-depth at this year’s Inc. Leadership Forum. Here are some conference takeaways from Caitlin Florance, Marketing Partnership Manager for Hiscox […]

Lee Answers this Life and Leadership Question – “If I had the choice whether to get shot down in Vietnam and be a POW, what would you choose?” Hear His Answer in This Interview

Lee was honored to be a recent guest on Anything is Possible radio. The host, Jack Krasula, has also featured guests such as Roger Staubach, John McCain, Lou Holtz, and others. In the long-form interview, Lee shares more in-depth details about life, and clear advice on finding your passion and purpose as a leader. What […]

We Need Your Opinion on the State of Leadership – 2-Minute Survey

Hello! Would you take 2 minutes and answer a short survey? Lee Ellis’ organization, Leadership Freedom LLC, would like to have your valued opinion and comments on the current state of leadership in our nation. The results will be used in future meetings, events, and communication to reinforce the need for honorable leadership in our […]

Results vs. Relationships – Finding Your Balance on the Leadership Seesaw

by Lee Ellis As a child, riding a seesaw was fun, wasn’t it? Well, except when you didn’t have equal weight on both sides—then it was just out of balance and someone got stuck in mid-air. That bears the question—is your leadership out of balance?  Most likely it is because statistically, more than 85% of […]

Celebrating Labor Day – 3 Tips for Working Leaders

During this Labor Day week, Lee shared his thoughts on the holiday and leadership with Andrea Tantaros, political analyst and commentator and co-host on The Fox New Channel’s “The Five”. On her radio show, she and Lee talk about leadership lessons learned in life as well as the POW camps of Vietnam where Lee spent […]

Acceptance speech by actor Ashton Kutcher — Hear his Surprising Message

Regardless of your perception of actor Ashton Kutcher, we had to share his recent speech at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards regarding his perspective on life and work. You may be surprised. What part of his message makes you want to cheer? Related Articles: Leaders Dig Deep and Treasure Their Trials: A How-To Article “What […]

How to Be a Thought Leader–It’s Easier Than You Think

By Dorothy Crenshaw Becoming a thought leader—everyone’s always talking about it, but who’s really doing it? It’s a cliché in PR and marketing circles. We tend to promise clients we can help make them a thought leader, pepper our proposals with the term, and invoke “thought capital” to differentiate corporations and their most marketable attributes. […]