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Does Your Team Need a Spring Boost? Special Offer Inside

Need a Spring boost with your work or volunteer team during the month of March? Try discussing a chapter each week from Lee’s book, Leading with Honor, for inspiration and practical advice. Everyone on your team will benefit from his life and leadership lessons. Purchase multiple copies, and save over 20 percent off! Visit our […]

FAQ – How Do You Deal With a Team Member(s) Who Isn’t Performing?

As a leader, how do you deal with a team member(s) who isn’t performing up to expected levels? What’s the best way to handle it? Lee Ellis shares his 7 recommended steps in this FAQ – Get the data and details straight so you have evidence. Meet with the person and clarify expectations and ask […]

On This Day in Leadership History, February 22, 2015

On this day in 1865, the state of Tennessee adopted a new constitution that abolished slavery. As we still witness the ups and downs of race relations in our nation today, imagine the strong leadership that it took to abolish the act of slavery while still in the last months of the Civil War. Growing […]

Monthly Leadership Coaching – Free Offer from Lee Ellis – See Inside

Everyone needs a coach—a trusted individual who can encourage and speak truth into you as a growing leader. As part of Lee’s passion for developing honorable leaders worldwide, he is now offering free monthly video coaching! Simply sign up here, and automatically receive it each month in your inbox. If you’re already receiving these monthly […]

Understanding How Natural Behavior Determines Ideal Team Structure: A Model for Leadership Success

(Editor’s Note: This month, we’re featuring guest author, Kriss Poll, who works with our strategic partner, DNA Behavior International®. She addresses the important topic of team collaboration and assessing natural behavior strengths in the team.) By Kriss Poll What does true collaboration look like? From a 2008 Guide to Assessing Teamwork and Collaboration published by […]

New Lee Ellis Article – “With a Succession Process, You’re Better Prepared for Future Growth”

How many situations have you witnessed where a local business or organization suffered because younger leaders weren’t trained to lead the organization? Or they catastrophically hired the wrong person for the wrong leadership position? Whether it’s a family-owned business or Fortune 100 Corporation, a succession plan process to develop new leaders and prepare your organization […]

On This Day in Leadership History, February 15, 2015

On this day in 1946, Edith Houghton, at age 33, was signed as a baseball scout by the Philadelphia Phillies becoming the first female scout in the major leagues. The world needs authentic people and leaders that follow their passion, interests, and natural strengths regardless of the obstacles! Don’t allow someone else to take the […]

New! Free Leadership Video Coaching from Lee Ellis – See Inside

Get free leadership video coaching from Lee Ellis in your inbox each month! Watch Lee as he shares his insight and experience on a variety of relevant topics related to ‘Leading with Honor’, and share them with your team members. This offer is only available by signing up for our monthly email, so click below […]

5 Ways to Embed Your Organization With a Culture of Happiness

Happiness isn’t everything in work, but it sure goes a long way in advancing the mission and goals of your team and organization. How do you lay the foundation for happiness in your organization? See which ones that you’re already doing in the article from the American Management Association – Read Now

Finding Your Authentic Self–Working At Your Best: SPECIAL OFFER

Have you been looking for the ultimate personal leadership development package? Combine Lee’s award-winning book, Leading with Honor, with his new Leadership Behavior DNA Discovery Report, and you have a phenomenal set of resources that will equip you with the skills that dozens of military and business/corporate leaders are using now to lead their organizations. […]

On This Day in Leadership History, February 8, 2015

On this day in 1693, a charter was granted for the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. Today, this academic institution stills stands strong unlike any other university in America. They’re the second oldest college in the nation, highly selective regarding their student body, but also public, offering a world-class education without the […]

Undaunted and Unafraid: How Courageous Leadership Always Makes a Difference

(Editor’s Note: Lee Ellis is introducing a new monthly coaching video message for leaders, and his new coaching message goes deeper into the topic of this article. In it, he introduces four important points that all leaders must use during challenging times. Sign up to receive Lee’s Leading with Honor ® Coaching messages on our […]