Three Communication Choices – What Will You Do?

Your days are busy, and you’re jockeying from email to text to conversation to meeting. Every piece of communication is important, and you have three choices in how you respond: you can withdraw, you can dominate, or you can engage. Leading with Honor offers this free Courage Challenge Card to help guide honorable leaders in […]

Testimonial from SPESA (Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas)

So grateful for these kind words from Benton Gardner, President, SPESA (Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas) about the Leading with Honor message – “One of the primary reasons for the success of [SPESA’s Executive Conference] was Lee’s participation. As one of our attendees said, ‘The meeting opened with a speaker who engaged […]

On This Day in Leadership History, February 16th

On this day in leadership history in 1959, Ray Charles recorded “What’d I Say.” He was often referred to as “The Genius” and was blind from the age of seven. What’s the leadership lesson? Your personal deficiencies and limitations are no excuse for growing and becoming a better, honorable leader. The world needs your character, […]

Honoring Former POW Leo Thorsness Today

Today Col. Leo Thorsness USAF (1932-2017), one of America’s great heroes will be honored and laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery. Leo not only served courageously as a six year POW in Vietnam, but also was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his courageous airmanship as a fighter pilot, leading air strikes over Hanoi. […]

Quick Leadership Tips: 4 Unrealistic Leadership Remedies

Are you tempted to “rattle the cage” with your team and dole out some unrealistic goals or objectives? Stop and evaluate that strategy first. There’s a better to meet goals and get results while avoiding pressure to meet unrealistic expectations. Follow these four steps to help your team succeed the right way – Recognize the […]

Introverts’ secrets of success

You’ve heard it before—introverts cannot be good leaders. That’s not true, but it is about learning how to use your natural behavior in a positive and skillful way. This interesting CNN article gives more insight – check it out and share your comments below – thank you        

On This Day in Leadership History, February 11th

On this day in leadership history in 1975, Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to head a major party in Britain when she was elected leader of the Conservative Party. What’s the leadership lesson? If you’re in your specific area of natural talent and passion, accept no limitations. Keep leading with honor. Margaret Thatcher – […]

Sign Up Today for Tomorrow’s Free Video Coaching

In tomorrow’s new release of ‘Leading with Honor’ video coaching, Lee Ellis focuses on “The Consequences of Unrealistic Expectations” and how to thwart putting your team in a corner where they’re forced to choose an unethical path. Sign up today and get instant access in your email inbox when it’s released on Thursday, Feb 8th […]

Dangers of the Unreachable Goal: 4 Leadership Remedies

By Lee Ellis Here we go again. Another unrealistic goal handed down from leadership where I didn’t have any input. Accept it and figure out how to make it happen. Now I’m trapped in a corner, so I’ll have to “lie, cheat, and steal” (as the saying goes) or possibly lose my job. Does this […]

How to Choose Happiness in the Workplace

In his decades of working with CEOs, and in occupying the position himself, author and consultant Stuart Levine’s diligent work on maximizing the CEO’s positive effect on the culture organization is always on his mind. We know that there is no “one size fits all” approach to leadership, yet he sees how much an organization […]

Engage with Honor

A Connecting Idea for Your Team – See Inside

One of Lee’s most effective ideas as a leader is to create a printed page or wall hanging with each direct report’s picture, name, title, spouse’s name, current projects, development goals, and more. This is just one idea to better connect as an honorable leader in his book, Engage with Honor. Check it out in […]

On This Day in Leadership History, February 4th

On this day in leadership history in 2004, the social networking website was launched. At launch, it had approximately 1 million users; today, it has approx. 2 billion users worldwide. What’s the leadership lesson? Whether you offer a product and/or a service to others, always add an authentic, interactive experience to build better relationships […]

Leadership Freedom graphic

How Free are You as a Leader? Here’s the Checklist

Over 30 ways to lead with more freedom! Leadership freedom is about knowing yourself and being authentic—shedding away layers of protection that keep you from growing. The free checklist infographic below has been downloaded by thousands of people wanting to assess where they are in being an honorable leader.  See where you stand…View the Checklist […]

Fill-in-the-Blank – “For an entrepreneur, the most important trait…”

Fill-in-the-Blank – “For an entrepreneur, the most important trait that they should have is (Please choose one below, and post your comment below): Resilience – achieves results, manages setbacks and rationally takes quick action. Risk Taker – confidently takes risks and tolerant of losses. Creativity – innovative with ideas and seeks to differentiate. Work Ethic […]