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Adams and Jefferson Leadership Traits: Which One Was the Better Leader?

By Lee Ellis (Editor’s Note: we’re offering a free report to help you determine your personal, natural leadership strengths and struggles. Are you more Jefferson or Adams? Take the Leading with Honor Discovery Report, and instantly download your report.) American presidents come and go throughout history, but think about the presidents that you regard as […]

2014 List – Top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business

See if some of your favorites made the list on the 4th Annual “Top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business”, published by Trust Across America. Many of the honorees are well-known CEOs and leadership experts, while others are quietly working behind the scenes as teachers and researchers. What are some of your favorite trustworthy leaders? Click […]

Why We Become Mindless Zombies at Work (and in Leadership)

Editor’s Note: We thought this article was an interesting spiritual perspective in regards to work and calling. You may or may not have the same spiritual beliefs, but it is our hope that you can gain some new perspective in this insightful article. Original Article Link – Click Here by Paul Sohn If you add […]

The Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “Exceeding Expectations: Reflections on Leadership”

We wanted to mention the latest recommendation from Lee’s bookshelf – “Exceeding Expectations: Reflections on Leadership” by William R. Looney. In this book, General Looney reflects upon his most formidable experiences during a 40-year career and articulates his leadership philosophy, which is built around a very simple notion — the greatest leaders are those who […]

The Paradox of Faith vs. Reality – How to Create Your Leadership Vision

One of the difficult challenges for leaders is paradox — the fine balance between being humble and strong; decisive and willing to listen to the ideas of others; confident and vulnerable; tough and compassionate; and detached and sensitive. What’s your leadership vision for the new year? And do you create a meaningful vision that matches […]

Are You a Tortoise or a Hare Leader? Who Wins in the End?

So, are you a tortoise leader or a hare leader? Who wins in the end? Leadership qualities are similar and different in each person depending on your innate personality strengths and struggles. If you’ve ever been told that one leadership style is better than another, be encouraged that you can be your true self AND […]

Leadership Psychology – Are Great Leaders Made or Born?

Ask experts what the most asked question about leadership is, and they’ll usually answer “are they made or born?” Perception is everything, even if perception and reality are often at odds. Some perceive leadership to be about nature, others ascribe to the nurture theory. I find it to be a bit of both, with emphasis […]

The Epiphany to Growth and Prosperity in 2014—3 Ways to Lead Higher

By Lee Ellis Looking back, 2013 was a very busy year for most of us—what a blur of activity! Some of my closest friends were worried that I wouldn’t be able to sustain the pace of traveling, speaking, book signing, consulting, coaching and even working on a new book. There were challenging moments, but amazingly […]

2013 State of Leadership Survey Results–How Does Your Perspective Compare?

Administrated by Lee’s consulting company, Leadership Freedom LLC, the purpose of this survey was to identify and compile consumer input and opinion on the general state of leadership from their personal perspective. While the actual societal reality may differ slightly from the results of this survey, it does confirm consumer sentiment based on their exposure […]

Leadership in the New Year – Read Lee’s Thoughts in this FAQ

The new year is here! Here’s a frequently asked question that Lee has received recently – “What are your thoughts on leadership at the beginning of a new year?” Answer: “Leadership always makes the difference, good or bad. The leader has to see the vision of where you’re going to be and help people get […]

Clear Communication Breakdown–Watch This Video Clip

As we leap into the year 2014, here’s a funny reminder about the importance of clear communication, as well as the need for patience, a good sense of humor, and self-awareness. Have you ever been in a real world situation like this one? If so, how did you clarify communication and stay engaged? Please share […]

Lee’s Giving Recommendations for 2013

Lee and his wife, Mary, believe deeply in giving back to the community, and they are longtime advocates of several organizations. If you’re looking for new areas to give before the end of 2013, please learn more about these organizations and consider supporting their work this year with your tax-deductible donation. Click to Learn More, […]

What Leaders in America Need the Most, and A Christmas Story

Want to know what leaders in America need the most? Listen to Lee’s latest interview this morning on “Bill Bennett’s Morning in America” as he and Oklahoma Congressman Ernest Istook have a conversation about this topic as well as Lee’s memories of Christmas in the Vietnam POW camps. Do you agree with Lee’s answer? What […]

Lee’s Latest Recommendation from His Bookshelf – “Character: The Ultimate Success Factor” – See Inside

Here’s the latest recommendation from Lee’s bookshelf – “Character: The Ultimate Success Factor” by Dr. J. Phillip London. What creates success? Is it skill? Talent? Ambition? Luck? Expertise? Perhaps it’s knowing the right people, saying the right things or simply being at the right place at the right time. It’s none of the above. While a variety of factors form our abilities and […]

Learning Leadership from Santa – Six Immutable Principles

(Editor’s Note: from time time, we feature other writers and authors on topics of leadership and personal development. Please enjoy with our compliments.) By Gene Kamena Santa’s mission is simple: spread good cheer and make people happy. Simple enough, right? Oh, if it were only so. Upon reflection, the problem statement involved with such an […]

What is Your Leadership Balance? – Free Case Study Offer

If you haven’t downloaded a copy of Lee’s case study entitled “What is Your Leadership Balance?”, you’ll want to get a copy on our website – It’s a FREE gift to friends and colleagues of Lee and FreedomStar Media, and it’s one of our most popular items that we offer. If you’re struggling to […]