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Leading with Honor Discovery Report – Free Offer

Leaders around the world are taking the free Leading with Honor Discovery Report—why not try it yourself? In just 20 minutes, you’ll have a snapshot of your leadership strengths and struggles that you can use to learn and grow as an honorable leader. Click to learn more, and please share!

Foundational Elements of Authentic Leadership – How to Know Yourself

By Lee Ellis Authentic leadership is a grand, worthy, and potentially overwhelming goal for any leader to attain. Based on more than 16 years as a leadership coach and consultant, I’m convinced that authentic leaders are the best leaders in any industry sector. For growing leaders, the goal of being an authentic leader is both […]

On This Day in History, October 12, 1971 – Womens Rights Gain New Ground

On this day in history in 1971, continued strides were taken in achieving equal rights for women when the House of Representatives passes the Equal Rights Amendment 354-23. Though it was a long and multi-layered debate on this topic in our nation’s history, key leadership made this step possible to ensure that women had equal […]

Everyday Leadership Moments – Funny “Lollipop Moment” Clip from Drew Dudley

Why we do make #leadership such a monumental thing where most of us think it’s unattainable? Normal, everyday one-on-one acts between two people potentially have much greater leadership #impact than leadership “experts”. Watch this funny clip from speaker, Drew Dudley, as he talks about a “lollipop moment” in his own life, and share your comments […]

Applying the Code of Honor in Your Leadership – New Free Download Offer

Personal core values help you weather times of uncertainty. They help solidify your decision-making before tough decisions need to be made. They clarify how to build great personal and business #relationships. Lee Ellis has created a new Code of Honor that provides a guiding set of principles for life and decision-making in leadership. Click here […]

Educators are Using Leading With Honor – Check it Out

We’re so grateful for educators that are using Leading with Honor in their high school and college classrooms! Orders keep coming in for this purpose. Do you know of a teen or college student that would enjoy a copy of Leading with Honor? We get feedback that this age group enjoy Lee’s stories and principles […]

Leadership Highlight on This Day in History, October 5th

On this day in history in 1931, Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon complete the first heavier than air nonstop flight over the Pacific. Their flight, begun October 3, lasted 41 hours, 31 minutes and covered 5,000 miles. They piloted their monoplane from Samushiro, 300 miles north of Tokyo, Japan, to Wenatchee, Washington. A great example […]

Identifying and Mastering Your Leadership Balance – Free Offer Inside

Did you know that 40% of the population leans towards results-oriented behaviors, another 40% lean toward relationships-oriented behaviors, and the remaining 20% are somewhere in between? If you’ve ever encountered a #leader that was heavily focused on work and getting results without a lot of social interaction, you’ve experienced an out-of-balance, results-oriented leader! Download a […]

Giving Back Focus – Wounded Warrior Project

Lee Ellis and FreedomStar Media™ donate a portion of our income to veterans support organizations. One organization that we support, Wounded Warrior Project, provides programs and services to severely injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life. Please learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project.  

Seven Leadership Principles for Restoring Honor in Politics

By Lee Ellis Having a competitive spirit is usually a positive attribute in our culture. Whether in work, life, or play, we’re hard-wired to face competition with power, tenacity, and the goal of winning. It’s the American way and for many, winning has become the supreme, all-important goal! As we approach mid-term elections in the […]

Important Leadership Day in History for Sunday, September 28th

Sometimes in leadership, it’s smart to simply pay attention to new opportunities around you that breed new ideas and ways of helping others. On this day in history in 1928, Sir Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin when he notices a bacteria-killing mold growing in his laboratory; it remained for Howard Florey and Ernst Chain to isolate […]

Free Coaching Tools for Honorable Leadership – See Inside

Need some free leadership coaching from Lee? As a supporting part of his book, Leading with Honor, we provide video clips and handouts for digging deeper in the 14 principles that he shares. We’re happy to provide this special content to you—please enjoy and share! Click here to learn more. Want to first learn more […]