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Infographic: How Companies Make and Measure the Effectiveness of Business Decisions

In Lee Ellis’ speaking and writing, he often shares the importance of accountability in daily leadership and decision-making. Here’s more evidence that good planning, accountability, and the ability to quickly adapt are good ingredients for success in leadership. Check out this infographic from Hexigo and McKinsey & Company, and share your thoughts – click the […]

Join Lee for a Special Webcast on Thursday, April 24th

In this exclusive online Executive Leadership event, Lee will share his unique stories and leadership lessons learned from the Vietnam POW camps. In addition, he’ll also explore how these lessons apply to current work and leadership challenges facing all industry sectors today. Consider this event a personal consulting session with Lee! Please click the link […]

Voting Primaries Are Coming Up – What’s a Leader to Do?

Some state voting primaries are coming up very soon. Who can you trust to represent you? Which one has the courage to focus on the right things and the courage to act on them? Use the FREE Leading with Honor Voter Evaluation Guide to choose your best public servant. Click to download.  

Have you Struggled Recently with Being a Courageous Leader?

Are you struggling with being courageous today—that is “doing what’s right even when it doesn’t feel natural or safe”? Being a courageous leader is the best path to long-term success. We want to help—join the ‘Leading with Honor’ Courage Challenge at the link below. And, feel free to share your courageous leadership stories, too! Join […]

Want the best advice on becoming a great leader? Here’s Step One.

Want the best advice on becoming a great leader? Lee’s first leadership lesson in Leading with Honor is knowing yourself—your authentic strengths and struggles that everyone else has already noticed. This article in Business News Daily offers 7 Tips for Improving Self-Awareness. Click Here to read this article on their website and share your comments. […]

Four Superhero Ways to Show Courage in Leadership

By Lee Ellis What is your greatest fear in your work? What is the one thing that you don’t want others to know about you? Perhaps it’s burying past mistakes or poor decisions, or maybe you’re in a new leadership role where you feel ashamed or ill-equipped about your lack of formal education or work […]

The Latest Recommendation from Lee’s Bookshelf – “The Character of Leadership: An Ancient Model for a Quantum Age” by Phil Eastman

Per the book’s description, “The challenges we face today are not economic, environmental, social, or legal; they are challenges of character and leadership. This book introduces the ancient model of character and its elements of faith, justice, temperance, hope, wisdom, love, and courage. As part of that model, the book articulates the leadership behaviors aligned […]

Why I Believe These 14 Leadership Principles Work – Watch the Clip

In this 60-second clip, Lee answers why the 14 principles in Leading with Honor work in life and leadership. If you face daily challenges that need wisdom, watch Lee’s answer. The graphic below was used recently to promote honorable leadership, and these 14 principles are listed. Click the graphic to learn more, and please share […]

Leading with Honor—4 Ways to Have What It Takes

Are you alarmed by the frequency of ethical scandals in recent years?  No doubt, you have seen the headlines about Wall Street greed, but ethical problems are just as prevalent on Main Street where bookkeepers, purchasing agents, and business owners violate the trust that others have placed in them. Think of the headlines in recent […]

Leadership Development Training – A Testimony of Teaching Honorable Leadership

“I’m a Division Chief with local fire department which has 550 firefighters. I’m responsible for the hiring and training of these firefighters. I have just purchased Lee’s book and it’s outstanding. We are currently developing an Officer Candidate program in the department, and Leading with Honor will be a required read for these prospective company […]

Weigh the Pros and Cons Before Letting Millennials Work Remotely

As leaders, have you been trying to find the best method to build a remote team that works well from multiple locations? There are some important tips to consider—check out the article below and share your thoughts. Click to read the article (you will be taken to another website).