Stretch Your Leadership to Fight for Clarity! 5 Barriers

Here’s your nudge to fight for clarity today—to stretch yourself as a leader. Clarity is essential in all situations. It’s easy to see the problems when a sports team doesn’t have a clear message. In a more typical workplace culture, it may be more subtle but can be even more disastrous.

To understand the battle, here are 5 challenges we must overcome:

  • Low Priority. We’re too busy and don’t recognize how important clarity is and just neglect it.
  • Bad Assumptions. We assume that others see the world that we’re seeing and therefore don’t understand that they don’t have the right picture.
  • Unfocused. Some leaders don’t take the time to focus and decide what they want to happen—what success will look like.
  • Lazy. Sometimes leaders are too lax in their approach, figuring that somehow it will get done. They think that they can give a few instructions, withdraw from the process, and then one day it will all be completed.
  • Fear. Some leaders resist clarity because they fear the responsibility of holding others accountable—which, at times, means being firm and risking “negative emotions.”

Yes, it’s a battle, but gaining clarity is worth fighting for if you’re leading with honor. Please share your wisdom too – thank you

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