Next Steps in Courageous Leadership

Whether you and your team is working on the front lines or isolated and working remotely from home, leading with honor requires courage as the backbone for continuing to get results and build relationships.

We define courage as “leaning into the pain of your doubts and fears to do what you know is right even when it doesn’t feel natural or safe.” [Tweet This]

As you consider how you’re leading during this season, Lee offers five over-arching steps of leadership wisdom gained during his five-year POW experience –

  1. Remember, strong character and courageous decisions are needed to make the tough calls.
  2. Balancing mission and people is always critical, but at this time you may have to learn more heavily on taking care of your people first, so they are able and energized to keep the mission going.
  3. A feeling of community is critical to morale. Encourage and support others—especially those who are alone and suffering.
  4. Make an extra effort to let your people know how valued they are and how critical their contributions are to not only the team, but to the larger mission and even society as well.
  5. Keep the communication lines open; it’s time to over-communicate and stay connected.

Please explore this page for helpful next steps that you can use immediately. We’re here to help.


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“4 Courageous Leadership Principles for Difficult Times – How the POWs Led Through Change”

Courage is the critical “binding agent” to good leadership, and here are four courage lessons from Lee Ellis to help mitigate any latent feelings of fear and insecurity that we all get when we’re out of our comfort zone.

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Area #1: Resilience – bouncing back during difficult moments

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Video Coaching: Inspirational Stories of POW Resilience

Tool: The Resilience Checklist

Area #2: Connecting with the Heart – making sure that your team knows that you care

Article: 3 Ways to Ignite Your Leadership Connection

Video Coaching: The Soft Skill of Connecting with the Heart

Tool: The Honor Code

Area #3:  Collaboration – being intentional about working together to get results

Article: 5 Emergency Solutions for Collaboration Challenges

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Remote Speaking Options  

The following two keynote presentations are available now either as a recorded message or remote live message (via Zoom or your preferred videocasting option).

1. “Leading with Honor”

Description: an inspirational presentation on the attributes of character, resilience, courage, and accountability. Lee also shares stories and lessons learned from his five-year Vietnam POW experience.

Format: ​35-45 minute keynote presentation

This program is perfect for: ​all groups and industry channels

2. “Courageous Communication and Accountability”

Description: a very practical and tactical presentation on working together as a team by clarifying, connecting, and collaborating together to balance both getting results and developing good relationships.

Format: ​35-45 minute keynote presentation

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Online Training Development Option

The following development option is available in our online training platform:

1. “Courageous Accountability” Development Course

Description: Many leaders don’t feel qualified to conduct training, and it’s expensive. The Courageous Accountability Development Course, based on Lee Ellis’ award-winning book, Engage with Honor, is a practical, hands-on experience that uses the Courageous Accountability Model™ as the basis to engage and work together.

Duration: An 8-session online course approx. 1 hour per session

This program is perfect for: all leadership levels and teams

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The following two training workshops are available now as a remote live event (via Zoom or your preferred videocasting option).

1. “Courageous Collaboration in Challenging Times”

Description: Based on the Courageous Accountability Model™, teams will ​identify the issues that make collaboration difficult and then learn steps in establishing a healthy culture of accountability and collaboration especially as it relates to remote meeting and communication rhythms.

Duration: 2- and 4- hour training options

This program is perfect for: all leadership levels and teams

2. “Managing Team Behavior Dynamics to Get Results”

Description: Based on more than 45 years of workplace experience, teams will understand their unique leadership behaviors and how to know and better manage your team members uniquely. Teams that have employed this training get increased results almost immediately.

Duration: 2- and 4- hour training options

This program is perfect for: all leadership levels and teams


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