Special Tribute Remembrance for Capt Ray Alcorn

What a wonderful of the love in being your brother’s keeper! Today, Leading with Honor pays special tribute and remembrance for Capt Ray Alcorn USN Ret. who flew west (passed away) yesterday at age 80. He had experienced severe heart problems and other issues in recent years. He served as a POW for more than 7 years, and Lee and Ray were in the same camp for 4 years and cellmates for almost two years.

Below from a message posted today describes how Ray cared for his cellmate Glenn “Coonass” Daigle in the early days of their capture. This was typical of how we took care of each other. There is a great story in the book, ‘Two Souls Indivisible’, of the relationship between a white Navy Lt Porter Halyburton and a black Air Force Major. Porter nursed Fred back to health in similar fashion.

Here are his comments –

“Ray was my first roomie in the Zoo after I had my right arm fixed at the gook hospital. I had a cast from my neck to my waist with two post holding up my arms. Ray wiped my butt, fed me, kept me warm, bathed me and took care of this coonass like no one else could. We were shot down on the same day about 15 mins apart on way to Haiphong. We spoke every 22 Dec since 1973 except for 2019 when he could not come to phone, we spoke later in 2020. I cannot ever thank him for his true compassion and love.” – Glenn “the Coonass” Daigle

Read more on Capt Alcorn’s Veterans Tribute page.



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