Through Lee’s life-changing experience as a young lieutenant in the POW camps of Vietnam, he had some amazing examples of courageous leadership in his senior leaders there. This experience shaped his purpose in developing other leaders in his military and business career. Today, that same spirit of leadership development embodies the heart of Leading with Honor.

We have more than 25 years experience in the research, development, and deployment of human behavior assessments and have used them daily focused exclusively on leadership for the past 20 years.

We help clients break away from old barriers, learn new skills, and free people to work with more passion, energy, and productivity.

Who is Leading with Honor Training for?

  • Leaders that want to be distinctive and excel in their industry.
  • Leaders that value people as much as getting results.
  • Leaders that want to go beyond theories and learn new leadership development strategy and tactics.
  • Leaders that want to develop other leaders.

Who is Leading with Honor Training not for?

  • Leaders that are just looking for the next course or program to spend their training budgets.
  • Leaders that aren’t willing to go first by being confident yet authentic and vulnerable.

Our Team and Training Methodology

The old way of training and development was focused on competencies through traditional development programs. The new way to truly engage and develop your team comprises –

  • Flexible enterprise-wide solutions
  • Applicable to all business divisions
  • Peer-Driven facilitation
  • Customized to the individual

With Leading with Honor‘s focus on scalable training solutions that use unique, natural leadership behavior as the basis for learning and retention, we’ve created one of the most customized, effective training methods available.

Our team uses a mix of learning styles and methodologies to maximize learning and retention such as –


What Others Are Saying

“We were extremely pleased with the leadership and team development experience with Leading with Honor. Our executive team experienced significant growth, resulting in a new level of trust and communications. I’m thrilled to say we have become a more cohesive team that enjoys working together. Likewise, the nine-month course their consultant/trainers provided our senior managers has brought huge dividends. Silos have come down and trust and communications among our divisions are at an all-time high. The success of these initiatives has exceeded our expectations.”

– Gerald Long, President, Georgia Farm Bureau


“I have nothing but the highest compliments for Lee’s presentation–both for his keynote presentation and workshop training. Lee’s book and leadership model were an excellent addition to our Leadership Development program.”

– Janis Steblay, Sr. Specialist Employee Development & Organization Effectiveness, Orbital ATK Armament Systems Division


“Recently, Lee Ellis facilitated a leadership training event for 35 rather independent company managers, and I can speak on behalf of all our managers who were present in the meeting that each had a very enriching moment with valuable practical takeaways. More importantly, the managers of Denis Group had a clear view that there is no stereotype leader personality but that a richness in a diversity of leadership profiles is encouraged. We were thankful that Lee Ellis was able to share his experience and knowledge in leadership and to relate with our managers in a very meaningful way.”

– Francois de Moulliac, Managing Director, Denis Asia Pacific Pte Ltd – Singapore, France


Training Options

Live and Virtual Training Programs

  • Half-Day Events in an abbreviated format on the one or two leadership development topics.
  • 1-Day Events that provide extended time for training, team discussion and interaction.
  • 2-Day Events that are usually off-site to fully engage participants in an interactive development process.

Then we offer follow up sessions – monthly, bi-monthly or a six-month follow-up – that are preceded by an online survey to assess what is working and what needs further reinforcement.

These sample modules include content from our wealth of multi-industry experience:

  • Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton
  • Understanding Human Behavior to Lead Self and Others using the Leadership Behavior DNA™ Assessment
  • Leadership Balance: Results and Relationships (Mission and People)
  • Leadership Engagement: Withdraw, Dominate, or Engage
  • Understand and Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Engage with Honor: Courageous Accountability for Self and Others
  • Build Cohesive Teams Through Courageous Conflict (Judicious Debate)
  • Develop Your Team: The Art and Science of Managing People (the Leadership Behavior DNA Assessment is required.)
  • Additional modules available

Please Contact Us or call 678-455-9514 for a customized proposal from one of our consultants.

Self-Study Training Programs

Leading with Honor Self-Study Group Training includes a Leader Guide for each leader/facilitator and 1-softcover book and 1-Participant Guide for each participant.

Leading with Honor Group Training Program can be led by an in-house coordinator to manage a multi-week training. It contains 14 sessions, and each session is a chapter in the book. We recommend allowing up to 1 hour for each session.

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Engage with Honor Group Training Program can be led by an in-house coordinator to manage a multi-week training. It contains 11 sessions, and each session is a chapter in the book. We recommend allowing up to 1 hour for each session.

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