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Over forty years ago, America welcomed home Col. Lee Ellis and his fellow prisoners of war. When Lee got out of the Hanoi Hilton after 1,955 days of captivity, there was a stark realization that society had shifted while he was away. Honorable values and morals had declined in politics, academia, entertainment, and our homes. This issue has been a burden ever since his return and he has consistently taken a stand for strong personal values such as character, courage, and commitment as a means for building healthy organizations and culture that produce long-lasting results.

With his latest 2016 award-winning release entitled Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability, as well as his last award-winning book, Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton, Lee has brought new light to the subject of honor and values. Through his research, writing, and speaking, he now shares his story and leadership wisdom throughout the world.

As one of few Vietnam POWs to professionally share about this crucible experience, your audience will hear about his dramatic story and the senior leaders that led them through unbelievable trials. They will be challenged and inspired to lead with selfless honor, integrity, and character as the foundation for their daily decision-making. Breaking free from the shackles of fear, shame, pride, and self-preservation is the key to authentic leadership, and it’s a call to Leading with Honor.

Lee is available to share his 40+ years of experience and expertise, and his biography of experience in a variety of industries provides a well-rounded perspective for your industry or event. Read just a few endorsements below from Lee’s most recent keynote speaking engagements.

To invite him to participate in your next meeting or conference, please contact me at (770)540-4108 or [email protected]. More information is also provided on this page.

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Leading with Honor

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Lee Ellis Biographical Introduction


Keynote Presentation Topics

– Leading with Honor®: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton (based on his award-winning book)

– Engage with Honor®: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability (based on his award-winning book)

– Four Steps to a Culture of Courageous Accountability: Winning the Battle

– Leadership Engagement with the I.N.C.C. Model: Initiate, Negotiate, Collaborate, Celebrate

– The Courage to Trust: Taking the Authenticity Risk

– Climbing the Leadership Pyramid: Attributes to Success

– How to Balance Leadership Paradox: Walking the Fine Line

– Understanding Human Behavior with Self and Others

– Next Gen Leadership: What You Need to Know

Areas of Expertise

– Human Behavior—Know Yourself and Understand Others

– Leadership and Organizational Development

– Balancing Mission (Results) and People (Relationships)

– Building High Trust, High Performance Teams

– Clarifying and Building Organizational Culture

– Leaders Developing Leaders for the Next Generation

– Leading and Managing Different Talents in a Diverse Workforce

– Resilience – Bounce Back and Stay Engaged

– Communications – Over-communicate to Collaborate in Three Dimensions

– Military Leadership – What Corporations can Learn

– Corporate Leadership—What the Military can Learn

– The Value of Judicious Debate for Better Decisions


What Others Are Saying

These are just a few endorsements from our clients. Read more than 60 speaking endorsements here.

“After having Col. Ellis join us for the Naval Air Systems Command Leadership Development Program’s keystone event, we were able to see his power as a speaker. He has a natural talent to connect to his audience and leaves them wanting more. One participant stated that ‘I have read a lot of leadership books and most are theory based. Col. Ellis brings his powerful leadership experience from one of the harshest conditions one could experience and shares those experiences with us; that resonated far more with me than any other leadership book I have read.’

      – Mr. James Ward, Program Manager and Facilitator, NAVAIR Leadership Development Programs Office

“Colonel Ellis spoke to my team during a recent strategic planning session, and he did a great job linking the key elements of the Courageous Accountability Model with his experience as a Prisoner of War in Vietnam. The entire audience was engaged throughout the presentation and came away with a renewed sense of purpose and perspective on the challenges we face day in and day out. The feedback from my team was overwhelmingly positive, and Colonel Ellis’s presentation set the foundation for one of the best team meetings I’ve had a chance to lead.”

      – Shannon Todd, PE – Director, Environmental Services Carolinas, Duke Energy Corporation

“Northwest Battle Buddies had the great honor of having Col Ellis be the guest speaker at our largest fundraiser of the year. The fundraiser was by far our most successful to date, [and] everyone who had the opportunity to listen to Col Ellis got a glimpse of the price of Freedom, a true American Hero and what he endured in the face of adversity.”

      – Shannon Walker – President/Founder Master Dog Trainer at Northwest Battle Buddies 

“In Engage with Honor, Lee provides vivid testimonies that words alone seldom capture, but which equipped him with a unique and deeper understanding of the essential qualities of leadership. He challenges his audience to strengthen their own leadership skills, building on life’s most humbling moments to achieve their full potential.”

      – Casey Cagle, Lt. Governor of Georgia

“Lee Ellis brought great insight to our customers and enthralled them as he related the leadership steps to those he lived as a POW. He was the highlight of our event, and we look forward to introducing him to more of our customers and co-workers in the months to come.”

      – Dan Gastley, Executive Vice President, Control Southern Inc

“Lee Ellis has spoken for us on two different occasions and he’s terrific. He takes the time to understand the audience to whom he’s speaking and delivers an on-target message that is truly phenomenal. His storytelling ability coupled with his lessons on leadership make for a winning combination.  I highly recommend Lee to anyone who is looking for an engaging speaker.”

      – Dan Oswald, Chief Executive Officer, BLR (Business and Legal Resources)

“Recently, Lee Ellis facilitated a leadership training event for 35 rather independent company managers, and I can speak on behalf of all our managers who were present in the meeting that each had a very enriching moment with valuable practical take away in several ways: in a better knowledge of self, in a better understanding of the other managers of the Denis Group and in having a clearer view on how to relate and work best with each other. More importantly, the managers of Denis Group had a clear view that there is no stereotype leader personality, but find that a richness in a diversity of leadership profiles provides opportunities for all as long as the team spirit is encouraged. We were thankful that Lee Ellis was able to share his experience and knowledge in leadership and to relate with our managers in a very meaningful way.”

      – Francois de Moulliac, Managing Director, Denis Asia Pacific Pte Ltd – Singapore, France






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