Reading is Leading – 4 Quick Tips on Developing this Habit

Leading with Honor’s focus this month is encouraging leaders to “Read to Lead” as summertime approaches. If you’re already a reader, that is a significant achievement. If you’re not a reader, now is the perfect time to start.

Here are four practical tips for personal development:

  1. Recognize your struggle. Acknowledge you are missing out and find a way to motivate yourself in this discipline.
  2. Identify an area of interest and find a related book that offers insights for personal and professional growth. Read the story for enjoyment and pay attention to the lessons others learned along the way. Most biographies and autobiographies fill this bill.
  3. Do it. Start with your first book and have the goal of gaining at least two takeaways that you can apply.
  4. Pass on a good book to others. Good leaders help others grow.

Please post comments on your wisdom and experience too – thank you for sharing as always!

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