Quick Wisdom – Leadership and safeguarding our independence and freedom

Quick Wisdom – “As a leader, what can I do to help safeguard our independence and freedom?”

Playing off our brand and mission at Leading with Honor®, we are engaged in a battle to be leaders who live with honor. Here are 3 important points:

  1. Lead and manage yourself. Live as a person of honor. If you need some ideas on what that looks like, download the Honor Code.
  2. Set the example. Influence the next generation and help them understand that freedom requires responsibility.
  3. Hold your elected leaders accountable. Make sure that they’re serving with honorable behavior that serves the best interest of freedom and our country’s founding principles rather than themselves.

This mindset isn’t easy. It takes courage, character, and commitment that’s supported by self-awareness and discipline. To be frank, living and leading with honor doesn’t come easy. It requires an ongoing battle with the dark and lazy side of human nature. it’s easy to just settle, drift, and become indifferent and apathetic about our greatest treasures as a nation.

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