Quick Leading with Honor Advice on Adapting Quickly

As leaders, we’ve been bombarded the last few months with fast changes that require the ability to adapt quickly. Now as we’re approaching a shift back to the old normal, we must consider some areas where the old normal won’t work well.

Most leaders know that they must adapt to changing situations as well as the unique natural behaviors of others, but they don’t know how. Here are two models that can serve you well in that process.

Model #1 – The OODA Loop

In this model, the first step, Observe, this is the time to gather relevant information and data. Then it moves to Orient which is about connecting the dots and reflecting on the options and challenges. Continuing clockwise, Decide is based on opportunities, needs, and resources. And finally, we must develop a plan and Act to execute the plan.

Obviously, in an aerial dogfight, this is all done in seconds. But in most situations, the goal is to have a process that will help you be intentional and wise about moving to action.

Model #2 – The Courageous Accountability Model

Once the decision is made and you’re ready to act, follow the four steps on the right side of our attached Courageous Accountability Model ™ to be a well-rounded, honorable leader . This is also designed to be a cyclical model where a leader will repeat these steps on a regular basis –

    1. Clarify – Make sure that mission, vision, values, policies, and guidelines are clear; make sure people understand what outcomes are expected and what resources and ground rules are in place. Solicit questions and listen to make sure people see the same picture.
    2. Connect – Know your people’s unique talents (strength/struggles) and manage each person uniquely; connect with the heart by making people feel valued and important.
    3. Collaborate – Develop a proactive mindset about collaboration. Welcome it; support it; dialogue as needed and provide ongoing feedback to encourage and correct.
    4. Closeout – Celebrate successes; confront problem issues with confidence and humility; critique the process for continual improvement.

Following these two models will give you a process of intentionality that will greatly increase your likelihood of success. Please try them and let us know how they work for you. Others would love to hear your experience.

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