Quick Leadership Coaching Moment – Managing Fears and Doubts

Dealing with leadership doubts and fears? We all do! It’s often at the root of emotions like anger, shame, guilt, and pride. It termites our self-confidence and torpedoes our personal and professional relationships, further undermining our success and goals. It causes procrastination and resistance to reasonable and needed risk-taking, and stymie initiative to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

These 4 tactics might be just what is needed to help take your fearful thoughts and actions captive and reach new milestones –

  1. Fear is Normal—Learn to Proactively Manage It.

Fear can help us deal with legitimate external threats as well as trigger adrenalin and other chemicals that help us. We can train and equip ourselves to make logical choices that manage our fears (instead of our fears managing us).

  1. When Fear Hits, Stick With Your Values and Principles.

Even when we’re overwhelmed, we still have choices about how we’ll respond. The lesson I (Lee) learned (and can see it operating in all successful people) is that we must be willing to suffer to be who we are called to be and to achieve our most important goals.

  1. Be Willing to Suffer for the Right Causes.

Great achievements are generally the culmination of a lot of delayed gratification, making hard choices and doing hard things—and yes, suffering. So when you look ahead at your goals, consider your passion for them. Is your passion and commitment strong enough that you’re willing to suffer to achieve them? If so, then you’ll be able to lean into your doubts and fears to do what is needed.

  1. Don’t Fight Fear Alone.

The worst situation as a POW was being alone. The same is true for every human being. We need connection to others who can support us with wisdom and encouragement. Mutual support is the critical need of every warrior and every person who is fighting the battles of life.

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One Comment on “Quick Leadership Coaching Moment – Managing Fears and Doubts

Robin Somerville
February 12, 2017 at 10:47 am

My husband and I are dealing with personal issues related to the financial collapse of 2008, the loss of EVERYTHING, including our home, being sued and losing a second home due to a law (legal in only 12 states) and having to take a loan against the home we bought for my 90 year old mother. My husband came from absolutely nothing, working three jobs in high school, putting himself through college and and getting an MBA while working. He worked his way through a number of career moves to find himself managing all of the U.S. businesses for a British company and being appointed to the board of directors. He was able to retire–until 2008. He has worked EXTREMELY hard since, battles age discrimination and works everyday to keep our heads above water–barely. He is highly talented, has a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer, is energetic, quick with a high IQ. Oh, yes, and he is funny and witty. The wisdom of your organization enriches and sustains him. Thank you.


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