Quick Communication Solution for Challenging Moments

When confronted with a crisis or challenge, the natural tendency of most humans is to either try to withdraw or dominate. About 40% of the population naturally lean toward dominating, while the other 40% tends toward withdrawing from conflict altogether. Though there are times to have heated discussions or withdraw and reflect, they only work when there is high trust.

So, what do we do when high trust isn’t present? Honorable leaders must choose to engage.

Below is the Leadership Engagement Model that my team and I use everyday in leadership coaching and development, and it’s just as effective when having a dialogue about race relations or managing differences in others:

During this time, we can’t withdraw as leaders. I want to challenge you to try this approach—courageously engage in dialogue and truly listen to the perspectives and experiences of those who have a different color skin.

Remember, this small but powerful Leadership Engagement Model is available on the Courage Challenge Card. It’s available as a free download on this website. And be sure to post your advice and experience below.  

Also, read the entire article on this topic – “How Leaders Can Engage Dialogue in Race Relations”




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