Quick Advice on Launching a Connection with Your Team

Are you an honorable leader seeking a stronger connection with your team? How could you be a “launcher” who impacts and influences another person’s career? Dr. Richard Boyatzis shows conclusively that relationship connections help people create change that is holistic and sustainable.  

We’re excited because now we can better understand and be even more confident in the process we call Connecting with the Heart. Let’s look at some practical ways that you can be a career and life coach that launches people into being their best authentic self –


  1. Become mindful (aware) of yourself and the other person. Lower your intensity, relax, and set all your problems and concerns aside for a moment to focus on the person in front of you. give them your full attention. Act as though there is nothing else in the world more important than them.


  1. Let your emotions show that you are excited to be around them and interested in what they are interested in. Ask them about their dreams and passions? Listen and resist judgement or temptations to correct, change, or fix any response they give.


  1. Let them know that you believe in them. Stay positive and share something you have seen in or about them that supports their vision. For several years I’ve facilitated men’s small groups where we do an exercise like this to affirm each other. We refer to it as “calling out your glory.”


Please post your tips and recommendations – we want to learn from you, too

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