Quick Advice on How Leaders Can Loosen Up and Tighten Up

This “loose-tight” leadership principle isn’t necessarily a new concept, as it’s always been crucial to great leadership. This paradoxical approach seems contradictory, but it’s something that all honorable leaders must conquer.

  1. Tighten Up to Perform

You may have realized that you’re more talented in some areas than in others. We do our best work when we employ our best natural talents and strengths. The appropriate analogy when this scenario happens is “swimming downstream.”  Because our best natural talents are strong and easier to develop, we can more easily move from a six to a ten on the success scale. We see this example in athletes, singers, executive assistants, sales reps, speakers, analysts, engineers, customer service reps and literally every other field. When we and our teams are swimming downstream and loving our work, it can be fun and it’s the best road to success.

  1. Loosen Up to Adapt

The best leaders learn that using their own personal talents and strengths isn’t enough, so they must loosen up their mindset and empower others. By making that adaptation, they can recognize, inspire, and exploit the myriad of talents embedded in their people.

The Conclusion

How do I personally need to adapt to more comfortably operate with a loose-tight mindset? Generally, it’s not by tightening our focus to personally solve the problem from our perspective with our own best talents. More often it’s going to come from identifying and empowering the enormous talents that are ready and waiting in our people.

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