Quick Advice on Building Team Unity

Some quick advice on building teamwork unity from Leading with Honor: There is an art and a science to leading teams –  

  1. The art of leading others must consider the impact of individual differences such as our mindsets, habits, values, emotions, baggage and natural talents and behaviors. These are just a few of the many nooks and crannies of human personalities that can make relating to others a rough experience. All too often these differences cause a negative influence on others.

Reflect for a moment on the word influence, and you will realize it’s at the core of all good leadership and cohesive teamwork. We are always giving and receiving vibes that can swing our influence and relationships either way. This is the challenge of influencing others—how do you relate positively to each person individually.

  1. The science of leading others involves understanding and predicting our natural “go to” behaviors. They can help us understand much of why people are different and why they act the way they do, and how we can relate to them most effectively. Natural behaviors come with our DNA, bringing a degree of order and structure into the swirling mishmash of human nature. We are all born with a unique bent. And here is the exciting part for leadership, teamwork, and all relationships—natural DNA behaviors can be easily identified and then scientifically measured and scored with a high degree of accuracy. Bringing this science to support the art of leadership and teamwork is at the heart of our mission for thirty years.

We all know that people are different. But accepting them and respecting and even celebrating their differences is a challenge and often a stumbling block for relations and influence.

Please add your comments and experience below. Also read and watch the entire coaching article and clip on this topic – “Managing the Art and Science of Teamwork”


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