Quick Advice – Leadership Clarity Levels

Quick Coaching Advice – how can you get leadership clarity? There are 4 levels to consider—see which ones you’re currently doing on a regular basis:

– 100,000-foot level. Clarity about mission, vision, and values is crucial to building a culture of synergy and accountability. Unless these are hammered out at the top and then pushed down to the lowest levels, the culture will never be strong.

– 50,000-foot level. For the sake of discussion, consider this level as standards and policies for the industry and organization. We see challenges across all industry groups, probably due to a decline in clarity about standards and accountability in our culture.

– 25,000 foot level. This level is about policies and processes for the leader and the team. How do we work together? What do we expect of each other?

– 15, 10, and 5,000-foot levels. This level is about the specifics of the task or project. What will a successful outcome look like? What problems will be solved? What resources are available, and what ground rules or assumptions are in place that need to be considered?

The rewards for clarity are great—extending beyond celebrating success of the immediate task. Please post your insights too – thank you

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