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Thank you for using Leading with Honor Group Training for your personal and professional leadership development. We hope that it’s an insightful training study for you.

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Courage Challenge Cards

The Courage Challenge Card is mentioned during the study.

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The Leading with Honor Assessment

The Leading with Honor Assessment is mentioned as an optional activity in Session 1: Know Yourself.

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Adams vs Jefferson Article

This article is mentioned as an optional activity in Session 1: Know Yourself.

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Powerpoint Presentation

Download an optional powerpoint presentation to use in overhead presentations with groups.

Video Clips

You can use these brief video clips below to enhance your group training. Each clip shares some aspect of the teaching in the sessions below. Click the “1/8” link in the video window and access all video clips.

Optional Handouts

Included in the book are Coaching sections to apply the lesson that you’ve learned in each chapter. These digital handouts can help readers further implement the lessons taught in the book. They are free to use for individual or group development. Please make as many copies as needed.

Chapter 1Know Yourself

Chapter 2Guard Your Character

Chapter 3Stay Positive

Chapter 4Confront Your Doubts and Fears

Chapter 5Fight to Win

Chapter 6Bounce Back and Be Resilient

Chapter 7Clarify and Build Your Culture

Chapter 8Over-Communicate the Message

Chapter 9Develop Your People

Chapter 10Balance Mission and People

Chapter 11Build Cohesive Teams

Chapter 12Exploit Creativity

Chapter 13Treasure Your Trials and Celebrate Your Successes

Chapter 14Free the Captives