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Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability

Leading with Honor(ISBN# 978-0-9838793-7-4)

Honor and accountability are linked together as a formula for great leadership. A healthy mindset of accountability can inspire every team and organization to achieve a higher level of performance.

The key is engaging with courage, commitment, and caring concern as opposed to motivation by fear, intimidation, and self-preservation.

From his early experiences as an Air Force jet fighter pilot and POW in the prison camps of Vietnam to an award-winning author, presenter, and leadership consultant, Lee Ellis shares his concerns about the lack of accountability in our culture and how you can apply a positive, proven accountability model to get better results as a leader.

Engage with Honor will show you how to increase your success & elevate the performance of your team by presenting:

– The connection between positive accountability and honorable behavior.

– Gripping personal leadership experiences from the Vietnam POW camps.

– A proven Courageous Accountability Model™ for creating a positive accountability culture.

– Practical, step-by-step instructions to help leaders create industry-leading performance and morale.


Lee Ellis Engage with Honor

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From the Book’s Foreword:

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lee in his civilian life as a leadership consultant and have admired the way he uses those experiences to help executives develop their own leadership models. He and I share a passion for doing business the honorable way and for developing leaders who will embody the character and the values that will help lead their organizations with the highest integrity…in this new book, Lee expands the concept of honor in leadership and introduces the model to build a culture of Courageous Accountability…”

Ralph de la Vega, Vice Chairman of AT&T Inc. and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions and AT&T International 


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2017 Award Winner! Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award

Engage with Honor Book: First Place – Business/Sales/Economics Category

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2016 Award Finalist! Best Book Awards

Engage with Honor Book: Finalist – Business: Management & Leadership Category

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What Others Are Saying


Book Review by ReaderViews!

An Excerpt – “If you are looking for a book to kick your butt (in a nice way) when it comes to your accountability to yourself and others, you must read “Engage with Honor” by Lee Ellis. Ultimately, it’s a compelling read, and I found myself drawn again and again to the author’s stories about Vietnam.”

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“…Ellis demonstrates that this difference comes from having the character and courage to do the right thing. A must read for all leaders.”

– Dr. J. Phillip London, Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board – CACI International Inc

“I believe our country is at one of the most crucial periods in our entire history. Lee’s book represents an important ‘instruction manual’ for righting the ship.”

– Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver – NetWeaving International & The Enrichment Co.

“The latest book by Lee Ellis titled Engage With Honor tackles one of the most important challenges that we face in life and business – accountability. This book can change your life and your leadership at home and in the marketplace.”

Arlin Sorensen, CEO and Founder of Heartland Companies

“In his book Engage with Honor, Lee provides valuable lessons in leadership learned from the world’s toughest ‘leadership lab’, The Hanoi Hilton. Another great read by my old friend. “

– Gene Smith, Former Vietnam POW; Past National President and Chairman of the Board, Air Force Association

“Once again, Lee has integrated his very personal life experiences as a Vietnam POW to provide very pertinent and valuable leadership lessons applicable for any leader!! The lessons shared served as not only a refresher but a graduate level course in leadership as well.”

– Carol H. Burrell, President and CEO, Northeast Georgia Health System

“In this book you will find stories that engage you, insights that transform you, and practical advice you can put in your pocket (or purse) for everyday living. Read it, and find new depth in your own levels of growth.”

– Laurie Beth Jones, author of Jesus, CEO; The Path; and Jesus, Life Coach

“Lee Ellis has a powerful story, is a outstanding author, and drives home the message of courageous accountability in a compelling way. You will want to give this book to your leadership team to positively impact your organization!”

– Dan Busby, President – ECFA

“Engage with Honor is a winner all around! Lee Ellis has surpassed his last book, Leading with Honor, which I thoroughly treasured and quoted often in my own writings.”

– Archie B. Carroll, PhD, Professor of Management Emeritus – Terry College of Business, University of Georgia

“Highly relevant, clear, and practical, Engage with Honor provides leaders with models that enable critical thinking and inspire intentional action. If you desire to lead from heart with courage and accountability, then this is the book to guide you!”

– Tami Heim, President & CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance   

“I can’t think of a better person to write about engaging with honor than Lee Ellis. Every leader on every level needs to read this book to engage a culture where honor is lacking and needed more than ever before.”  

– Dick Bruso, Founder of Heard Above The Noise

“[In Engage with Honor], you have taken a challenging time in your life [as a POW] and extracted the very best lessons from it that continue to build layers upon layers to offer greater perspective on our life’s full journey.”

– Janine Sijan Rozina, Sister of Vietnam POW Lance Sijan (MOH) and Founder of Team Sijan

“Lee artfully tackles the difficult and often misunderstood role of accountability in effective leadership. Courageous Accountability…a must in every leader’s tool kit.”

– Doug Owens, Lt. Gen USAF (Ret.), National Commander, Order of Daedalians

“His Courageous Accountability Model holds true whether you raising a family, managing a 5 person working group or leading a Fortune 500 company. Engage with honor is precision engagement at its best.”

– Brig. Gen. Guy Walsh, USAF (Ret)

“There are books that I have read and store on the shelf, and then there are books that I read and keep close so I can refer back time and time again…this is one of those books.”

– Dan Olson, Vice President and General Manager, Armament Systems Division – ‎Orbital ATK

“His courageous accountability model is an excellent guide to learning our way through uncertainty and complexity. It is a must read for generations of leaders to come.”

– LTG James L. Terry, Retired Commanding General, United States Army Central

“Colonel Ellis’ latest book, Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability, is a useful book that offers practical — not just theoretical — advice on how to authentically link honor and accountability.”

-Taylor Baldwin Kiland, co-author of Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton: Six Characteristics of High-Performance Teams, and Open Doors: Vietnam POWs Thirty Years Later

“I’m honored to endorse Lee’s book. He is an inspiration to us all. Lee relates his own experiences to prepare you to become a better leader.”

– Bruce N. Whitman, Immediate Past Co-Chairman, Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation; Chairman, President & CEO, FlightSafety International

“If there is anyone anywhere who combines both practice and scholarship on the subject equal to Lee, I am certainly not aware of it. All practitioners of the art can learn from this extraordinary man.”

– Gen. Charles G. Boyd, USAF (Ret), Former Deputy Commander in Chief, U.S. European Command, Vietnam POW 1966-1973

“Once again Lee Ellis has created an outstanding book on Leadership, Honor and Accountability. A must read for anyone serious about leading in our world today where honor and accountability are the keys to success!”

– General William R. Looney, III, USAF (Ret), Former Commander Air Education and Training Command

“Lee’s philosophy of respect for the individual and integrity (two of Swagelok’s core values) are on display for the reader. His experiences should serve as an inspiration to anyone who wants to take their organization to the next level of performance.”

– Arthur F. Anton,  Chairman, President and CEO, Swagelok Company

“[Engage with Honor] appropriately takes the focus from the leader to those being lead. This book is a must read if you want to lead your team to new levels of performance and create a place where people want to be accountable.”

– Sam Silverstein, CSP, Author: Non-Negotiable & No More Excuses, Past President, National Speakers Association

“Engage with Honor inspires us to consider how accountability can be a strong thread in shaping corporate culture. Keep the passion Lee, for the ideas of honor, character, courage and commitment to shape the fabric of our culture.”

– Terence Chatmon, President & CEO, FCCI

“Engage with Honor is fascinating to read. The leadership lessons from his years as a POW are compelling, and it’s clear that the elements of his Courageous Accountability model – Character, Courage, and Commitment – are very real in his own life.”

– Bob and Lyn Turknett, Founders, Turknett Leadership Group

“[Engage with Honor] is a powerful, poignant read that is an absolute must for today’s current and future leaders, both in military and civilian environments.”

– CDR Mary Kelly, USN (ret), Author of Why Leaders Fail and The 7 Prescriptions for Success

“Lee Ellis has done it again! This is a must read for any Leader, and is especially relevant for the Healthcare industry during this challenging time of immense change.”

 – James Ecklund, MD, Chairman and CEO, Inova Neuroscience and Spine Institute

“Lee Ellis, with insights through his experiences and survival as a Vietnam POW, gives us a glide path to successful leadership. This is a book that leaders in all walks of life should have on their desk.”

– Larry E. Favreau, CPA, CLU, FLMI, Retired CEO – Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Co.

“I am honored to know Lee Ellis and I am proud to endorse his latest literary accomplishment. I would encourage any aspiring leader to take his words to heart and live as Lee does, by a code of honor!”

– Gen. Michael Hostage III, USAF (Ret), Former commander Air Combat Command

“I have been searching for a clear way to link servant leadership and accountability. Lee provides a clear path with The Courageous Accountability Model…Thank you Lee for your lessons, life experience, and service.”

– Pat Falotico, CEO, Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

“Lee Ellis has done it again with his latest work, Engage with Honor. At a time when honor and accountability seemed to be sorely lacking in our country, he has leveraged his military experience and business insights in this concise, clear work.”

– COL Leon E Moores, MD, Army, Inova Healthcare System

“I believe anyone who reads this book and strives to live it’s very clear recommendations and explanations will experience runaway success in motivational, practical leadership.”

– Capt. Guy D. Gruters, USAF (Ret), Vietnam POW 1967-1973

“Lee Ellis has written a must-read book full of important information for those of us who want to lead and live with character, commitment and honor.…Read this book – and learn from a man who lives and practices its message.”

– Kathy S. Schwaig PhD, Dean, Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University

“Lee builds on his success in Leading with Honor to give us a framework not only for professional success but lessons for success in life. The impact of applying Lee’s methods is punctuated with Lee’s inspiring stories of how his experiences in captivity can give us all the courage to Engage with Honor.”

– Michael Bowling, Senior Vice President AT&T/DirecTV LATAM

“Lee Ellis has done it again! His focus on honor and accountability are spot-on…His real life examples provide tremendous lessons in human nature and the importance of character, courage, and commitment in the daily lives of leaders. “

– RADM Tilghman D. Payne, USN (Ret)

Engage With Honor is the perfect next step tool to help bring the principles [in Leading with Honor] into effective execution. Its focus on courageous accountability will undoubtedly help me accelerate the process of creating the culture and underlying behaviours that are critical to achieving our mission.”

– Jeff Lyash, President & Chief Executive Officer at Ontario Power Generation Inc.