Amazon Bestseller in Military Families and Survival Biographies & Memoirs

In Captured by Love, experience 20 Romance Stories of Top Gun POWs and their dramatic journeys of faithfulness, passion, excitement, resilience, and practical love lessons.

“Enjoy these dramatic and touching stories about my friends” – Tony Orlando

“You’ll be entertained, inspired, surprised, challenged–and hopefully moved to action–by this great book.” – Gary Sinise

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by Lee Ellis, CSP as he shares his 40+ years of stories, experience, and expertise from his early days as a POW to being a nationally-recognized author and leadership coach.

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For over 20 years, we’re breaking old barriers with a top-down training strategy that gets results and increases performance and unity.

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William Reichert

President , Champlain Cable Corp

"Wow did we have a great night! Lee’s message was spot on. Many people were quoting and referencing him all week. I’m so glad we had Lee with us, and he was outstanding and inspiring...”

Francois de Moulliac

Managing Director , Denis Asia Pacific Pte Ltd – Singapore, France

“Recently, Lee Ellis facilitated a leadership training event for 35 rather independent [global] company managers. We were thankful that Lee Ellis was able to share his experience and knowledge in leadership and to relate with our managers in a very meaningful way.”

Lindsey Wallace Van Wingerden

Manager, Board Relations , CB&I

“Lee’s message was so unbelievable that we still have guests talking of how influential his speech and story was. Having Lee as our guest speaker brought a new dynamic and highlight to our summit...”


Karen Edmonds-Friar

American Studies Institute , Harding University

“The student’s response was overwhelming. He was very engaging with them and the entire audience. We received positive feedback on his visit for weeks, and the students loved him...”


Dana Halvorson

Senior Director, Not for Profit and Constituent Services , American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living

“This is the first time I heard Lee speak, and I was in awe. His message on leadership and courage draws in the entire audience. He packs the room full – not an empty seat! Lee’s inspiring sessions are...“

What is the Mission of Leading with Honor®?

The goal isn't perfect leadership, but it's agreeing that we all want to authentically lead with honor. We help leaders grow in character, courage, and commitment and learn new skills based on their natural behavior that will help them develop the next generation in the areas of responsibility, accountability, and resilience.

We believe you can do it, and we can help.


Character is about integrity, truthfulness, keeping your promises, treating others fairly, and being authentic in day-to-day leadership while avoiding deceit and duplicity.

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Courage is essential to everything that leaders do. Without it, fear and doubt take over and you will not be able to sustain your character and consistently engage challenges.

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Commitment is about consistently fulfilling your responsibilities, doing your duties, and following through on your assignments and agreements.

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Our Services

Our leadership development training methods are based on principles learned in some of the most challenging circumstances of POW life. We also have more than 25 years experience in the research, development, and deployment of leadership resources including behavioral assessments.


Each coaching and training session is custom tailored to work with your unique corporate culture to determine the best course of action for success.

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Lee Ellis is a world-renowned presenter, sharing his experiences with audiences on the topics of leadership, courage, & character development.

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From books to videos to immersive training materials, Leading with Honor Products use the power of story and practical experience to train leaders.

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The Courageous Accountability Development Course

Leading with Honor has created an online platform using the latest, real-time collaborative learning technology to ensure the best learning environment possible.

This new Courageous Accountability Development Course is based on Lee Ellis’ award-winning book, ‘Engage with Honor’.

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