On This Day in Leadership History, March 8, 2015

niagara falls bridge

On this day in 1855, a train passed over the first railway suspension bridge at Niagara Falls, NY. A border crossing between Canada and the United States, the Suspension Bridge played significant roles in the histories of the Niagara region and the two countries.

The railroads brought a large influx of trade and tourists into the region around the Niagara Falls. Many tourists flocked to the bridge to view the acclaimed marvel of engineering, as well as tightrope-walking daredevils who performed against the backdrop of the falls. In the time leading to the American Civil War, the Underground Railroad helped slaves in the United States escape across the Suspension Bridge to freedom in Canada. After the war, the bridge became a symbol of inspiration to Americans, encouraging them to rebuild their country and pushing them to quickly industrialize their nation.

If you’re a leader that has a vision for achieving a new thing, you’re achievement may have far-reaching implications that you never thought possible. Consider the pros and cons of your goals as you move forward.

Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge – Wikipedia

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