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Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie just hosted and recorded the latest Webinar Interactive Series, and we invite you and your team to watch for personal and professional growth.

They answered our questions on how natural behavior is used to predict and manage team dynamics. When a team understands one another and chooses to embrace differences, it is one of the most revolutionary solutions for team performance and unity.

Please watch this free recording with our compliments.

Topic: “How Behavior Predicts Team Dynamics” – An Interactive Webinar with Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie

Watch the Recording

Two Resources were mentioned during this webinar:

  1. The Team Performance Report – use this report to dynamically train your team on how to work better together and increase team performance. Request more information on this report and training.
  2. The Fun Team Performance Report Analysis – this free download allows you to review and analyze an actual team scenario to better understand to power of behavioral team dynamics. Download your free copy.

Finally, get a copy of Lee and Hugh’s new book, Leadership Behavior DNA, to learn more in-depth about behavioral team dynamics.




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