New Article! Lee’s Return to Vietnam as a Former POW and Leadership Lessons Learned

Lee Ellis Vietnam Leadership

Over 40 years after Lee’s release as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, he returned to remember and honor the senior leaders that enabled he and his comrades to return with honor.

Just Released! An in-depth article on Lee’s return the POW camp in Vietnam – here’s an excerpt –

“Ellis, usually a model of reserve, started to look a little apprehensive as he walked in, and he was immediately frustrated by Vietnam’s rigid officialdom: a cameraman he brought from the cruise ship can’t bring in his professional-level gear because he didn’t seek government permission first. Still cameras and cell phone cameras were OK, though.

As it turned out, one of the remaining sections of the prison is where Ellis was held. It was dubbed ‘Thunderbird,’ after the former Las Vegas hotel, as were other sections: ‘Desert Inn’ and ‘Stardust.’ Bare light bulbs provided scant light. Two rows of statues depicted shackled Vietnamese prisoners — the museum is dedicated to them; the American POWs are treated almost as an afterthought.”

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