Need to get unstuck and produce results in leadership? 3 ways inside

Do you need to get unstuck and start getting results in both life and leadership? Lee suggests 3 ways below. Soft skills? Think again – see if you agree:

  1. Character provides the ideal and expected values and associated behaviors that will enable us to live and lead with honor. Given the right circumstances, this knowledge of duty—of right and wrong—can be rationalized and ignored. We need courage to keep us on track.
  2. Courage is essential to living up to our character ideas. Without it, we’ll not be able to live up to our desired character values—doubts and fears will take us out and we’ll fold under pressure. Lean into your doubts and fears to do what you know is right.
  3. Commitment is like an ever-present mirror that reminds us of our vows, our obligations, our loyalties, and our duties. Commitment reflects back as a reminder of who we are and what we stand for.

Want to get daily results? Apply these 3C’s even when:

  • decisions are hard.
  • vulnerability is required.
  • reliability is needed.
  • execution of responsibility is essential.
  • fear of failure creeps in.
  • ambiguity and uncertainty develop.
  • we want to stand up for what we know is right—even when risks are involved.

Stay positive and encouraged as you lead with honor today! Please post your thoughts below – thank you

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