These clips are just a few samples of media appearances and interviews with Lee Ellis –

LinkBlue Grit Podcast | Extended Interview with Col Lee Ellis

LinkU.S. Air Force Public Affairs | Veterans in Blue Video Interview – Lee’s Story

LinkFox and Friends – Fox News Channel | Former POW, Lee Ellis, Slams Writer Who Claims Flag is Racist

LinkC-SPAN | Q&A Interview with C-SPAN Founder, Brian Lamb

Link – Fox and Friends with Brain Kilmeade – Perlstein and POW/MIA Flag

Link – CNN Newsroom – Bowe Bergdahl Recovery Perspective

LinkCNN | Memorial Day Reunion

CBS News


Ex-POW on the challenge of coming home from captivity

  • An Interview with CBS News



ABCRemembering the POWs of the Vietnam War

  • An Interview with Diane Sawyer



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Sample Interviews

Link – Fox and Friends – January 2013: Leading with Honor

Link – Leaders with Ginni Thomas: An Interview with Lee Ellis

Link – Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

Link – Live with Alisyn Camerota: Lee’s Interview Regarding a CBS Apology

Link – Leading with Honor National Book Release Interview – Lee Ellis

Frequently Asked Questions

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Link – “What is Your Definition of Honor?”

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Link – “Describe Your Career Before Your POW Experience.”

Link – “Describe Your Career After Your POW Experience.”

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