These clips are just a few samples of media appearances and interviews with Lee Ellis –


Black Rifle Coffee Company | “Vietnam Pilot Shot Down and Captured, Surviving the Hanoi Hilton”

“I was a POW in Vietnam 5 years, 4 months, and 2 weeks — 1,955 days. I get a lot of questions, ‘How did you guys do it?’ You have to be committed to your mission and your purpose.” — United States Air Force Colonel Lee Ellis. On Nov. 7, 1967, Ellis and his aircraft commander, Capt. Ken Fisher, received serious damage to their F-4C Phantom and both men had to eject and were captured on the ground by the Viet Cong. After two weeks of travel, they landed at the Hoa Loa Prison in Hanoi, Vietnam, infamously known as the Hanoi Hilton. Ellis was among the youngest of the Vietnam War POWs. This is his story.

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​Fieldcraft Survival | “Episode 375: Lee’s Unbreakable Spirit | Prisoners of War”

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​The Mark Divine Show | “POW’s Leadership Legacy (with Lee Ellis)”

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C-SPAN | Q&A Interview with C-SPAN Founder, Brian Lamb


U.S. Air Force Public Affairs | Veterans in Blue Video Interview – Lee’s Story



Fox and Friends | How to Engage with Honor


CNN Newsroom | Leading with Honor

CBS News


Ex-POW on the challenge of coming home from captivity

  • An Interview with CBS News



ABCRemembering the POWs of the Vietnam War

  • An Interview with Diane Sawyer



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