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6/18/2024 – Press Release Announcement (PR Newswire)

Captured by Love – “Everything I Know About Love I Learned in a Prisoner of War Camp”

6/13/2024 – Book Award Announcement (18th Annual Indie Excellence Awards)

Captured by Love is the 18th Annual Indie Excellence Awards WINNER in the Marriage Category

5/30/2024 – Podcast Interview (Wreaths Across America)

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3/14/2024 – Video Interview (Witness to War)

Watch the Interview

2/28/2024 – Podcast Interview (Advantage of Adversity with Glenn Carver)

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2/14/2024 – Podcast Interview (Echoes of the Vietnam War)

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1/8/2024 – Podcast Interview (The Two Mikes)

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1/1/2024 – Podcast Interview (Apogee Strong)

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12/26/2023 – Podcast Interview (The Mark Divine Show)

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11/17/2023 – Radio Interview (Building Relationships with Dr Gary Chapman)

Listen to this podcast on the Moody Radio website.

11/7/2023 – Book Award Announcement (The Best Book Awards)

Captured by Love: Inspiring True Romance Stories from Vietnam POWs by Lee Ellis and Greg Godek was awarded as a Finalist in the Military History Category. Read more about this award designation.

11/7/2023 – Radio Interview (The Martha Zoller Show)

Former POW from Vietnam Lee Ellis talks about his book “Captured by Love”

11/7/2023 – Book Review (The VVA Veteran)

Captured by Love by Lee Ellis and Greg Godek

11/7/2023 – Podcast Interview (Passing the Torch Podcast)

Colonel Lee Ellis: Freeing You From Bonds That Make You Insecure

10/4/2023 – Podcast Interview (A Time for Healing)

Listen to the Podcast 

9/20/2023 – Video Interview (Black Rifle Coffee Company)

Vietnam Pilot Shot Down and Captured, Surviving the Hanoi Hilton

9/20/2023 – Podcast Interview (Fieldcraft Survival with Mike Glover)

Episode 375: Lee’s Unbreakable Spirit | Prisoners of War

9/7/2023 – News Article (Goalcast)

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9/1/2023 – Podcast Interview (From Balloons to Drones)

“The airplane just blew up into several pieces!” – Lee Ellis on the Romance Stories of POWs”

9/1/2023 – News Article (Dawson County News)

Local former Vietnam War POW shares his story to inspire others

8/14/2023 – Radio Interview (Dr Dobson’s Family Talk)

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

8/11/2023 – News Article (AARP Magazine)

Vietnam POWs: From Hell to Happily Ever After

8/7/2023 – News Video (CBS Mornings)

Watch the Video

8/7/2023 – 50th Anniversary Video (Nixon Presidential Library)

Watch the Video

7/27/2023 – News Interview (EAA AirVenture Today)

Read the article (see pages 36 and 38)

7/20/2023 – News Article (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Read the Article on | Read the Article on

7/10/2023 – News Interview (Scripps News)

Barbie Joins Other Films Who Have Upset Vietnam Over Using China Map.

6/30/2023 – New Books Corner (Smoke Signals Newspaper)

New Books Corner – “Romance Stories from 20 Top Gun POWs” 

6/28/2023 – Podcast Interview (Dr Carol’s Couch)


6/28/2023 – Podcast Interview (The Higher Gear CXO)

Leadership lessons from “Captured by Love: Inspiring True Romance Stories from Vietnam POWS”

6/26/2023 – 2023 International Book Awards – FINALIST!

Read the Full Results

6/2/2023 – News Article (USA Today)

50 years since US combat troops pulled out of South Vietnam: Look back in photos

6/1/2023 – News Interview (NBC News)

Former Vietnam POWs reunite 50 years after their return to the U.S.

6/1/2023 – News Interview (CBS Pittsburgh)

In this edition of the Sunday Business Page, Jon Delano speaks with retired Air Force Colonel Lee Ellis.

5/31/2023 – Amazon Bestseller Status!

Captured by Love has received Bestseller Status in the Military Families and Survival Biographies & Memoirs categories

5/30/2023 – Radio Interview (American in the Morning with John Trout)

Lee Ellis on American in the Morning with John Trout

5/29/2023 – Live TV Special (National Memorial Day Concert 2023)

National Memorial Day Concert in Washington D.C.

5/26/2023 – TV Interview (ABC World News Tonight)

Honoring brave U.S. servicemen for Memorial Day with David Muir

5/24/2023 – News Article (New York Post)

Vietnam POWs to be honored 50 years after Nixon celebrated them with historic banquet

5/24/2023 – News Interview (LiveNOW from Fox)

Vietnam POW says we must support our troops | LiveNOW from FOX

5/24/2023 – Press Release (Associated Press)

New Book “Captured by Love” Shares the Inspiring Romance and Love Stories of Vietnam War POWs

5/22/2023 – TV Interview (The Daily Flash)

Co-author Greg Godek discusses “Marriage Survival Skills” with the Daily Flash 

5/12/2023 – Radio Interview (LI in the AM with Jay Oliver)

Lee Ellis LIVE on LI in the AM w/ Jay Oliver!

5/9/2023 – Book Review (Legiontown | American Legion)

Read the Review

5/9/2023 – FAQ Online Interview (Air Force Association)

Read the Interview

5/8/2023 – Podcast Interview (Ready for Takeoff)

Captured by Love Interview with Lee Ellis and George Nolly

5/1/2023 – News Interview (CBS Sunday Morning)

Surviving torture in the Hanoi Hilton

4/28/2023 – Video Podcast (Biz Communication Guy)

Colonel Lee Ellis Replays 20 Inspiring True Romance Stories From Vietnam POWs

4/27/2023 – News Article (Newsweek)

Lee Ellis comments on the Russian Military Jet that Blows Up Mid-Flight, Crashes Into Lake

4/10/2023 – Recommendation (The Georgia Gang)

Captured by Love Mention

4/10/2023 – Book Review (Kirkus)

New Book “Captured by Love” Shares the Inspiring Romance and Love Stories of Vietnam War POWs

3/31/2023 – San Antonio Media and News

3/31/2023 – Book Review (Kirkus)

“Impressive examples of resilience and an important record of sacrifice, survival, and the redemptive power of love.” – Kirkus Reviews

3/31/2023 – News Article (Newsweek)

Why a Helicopter Crash is Deadlier than a Plane Crash

3/28/2023 – Radio Interview (WSB Radio Atlanta)

WSB In-Depth Interview with Lee Ellis – 50th POW Homecoming Anniversary

3/16/2023 – News Article (Madison Journal Today)

The Return: Madison County POW welcomed home 50 years ago this week

3/15/2023 – News Article (Newsweek)

U.S. MQ-9 ‘Reaper’ Drones Compared to Russia’s ‘Orion’ UAV

3/13/2023 – Event (AFA Warfare Symposium) 

Lessons from Vietnam: 50 Years Later (Lee’s presentation at 33 minutes)

3/7/2023 – Radio Interview (WSB Radio Atlanta)

With Jonathan Obrien at 95.5 WSB Atlanta

3/3/2023 – New Article (Madison Journal Today) 

The Return: Madison County POW welcomed home 50 years ago this week

2/23/2023 – Video Interview (Air University Library)

Operation Welcome Home Kickoff Event

2/23/2023 – Q&A Interview (Air & Space Force Association Blog)

Leading with Honor: A Q&A with Lee Ellis

1/30/2023 – Podcast Interview (The Warrior’s Journey Podcast)

Leading with Honor featuring Lee Ellis

7/21/2022 – Podcast Interview (Decision Vision, Brady Ware & Company)

Decision Vision Episode 177: Should I Resist? – An Interview with Lee Ellis

4/19/2022 – TeleSummit Event (Matt Fore)

The Peace and Purpose Tele-Summit – Lee Ellis Interview

12/20/2021 – Article/Interview (General Aviation News)

Freedom 34: The Gift of Flight

5/6/2021 – Panel Presentation (Texas Tech University)

Panel Presentation (Lee’s presentation begins at 57 minutes)

6/17/2021 – Podcast Interview (Higher Gear CIO Podcast)

Being Intentional With Your Culture – Part 1

Being Intentional With Your Culture – Part 2

Being Intentional With Your Culture – Part 3

4/28/2021 – Video Interview (Biz Communication Guy)

Why Leaders Often Need to Communicate

4/10/2021 – Video Interview (American History TV Network)

Lee Ellis Interview

2/22/2021 – Author Interview (DODReads)

Leading with Honor Author Interview

3/17/2020 – Podcast Interview (GameChanger Mentality Podcast)

Leading with Honor with Lee Ellis

1/23/2020 – Podcast Interview (Money Matters)

Leadership Behavior DNA with Lee Ellis

11/25/2019 – Podcast Interview (Top Business Leaders)

Interview with Author of Leading with Honor, Lee Ellis

10/15/2019 – News Article (Fairchild Air Force Base)

Inspirational Air Force POW Visits Team Fairchild

8/23/2019 – News Article (Air Force Reserve Command)

Former POW Addresses Deployers

6/12/2019 – Podcast Interview (The Burden of Command)

The Burden of Command

4/24/2019 – News Article (Lompoc Record)

Pentagon hosts Sijan award presentation, first-ever resiliency event

11/7/2018 – Podcast Interview (Blue Grit Radio)

Extended Interview with Col Lee Ellis

9/21/2018 – Appearance (Atlanta Braves Baseball Organization)

POW/MIA Awareness Day – Col Lee Ellis Hometown Hero

9/2/2018 – News Interview Article (La Vanguardia International)

Five Years of Captivity and Torture of McCain in Vietnam

9/1/2018 – News Article (VOA News)

Former POWs Remember John McCain in Vietnam

5/11/2018 – TV Interview (HLN Across American with Carol Costello)

Lee Ellis Interview – Defending John McCain’s Character as a POW

4/8/2018 – News Article (the Sumter Item)

Former POW shares leadership concepts with Airmen

12/28/2017 – Podcast interview (Chaos Cast with Jeff Boss)

Life Lessons for Finding Certainty in Uncertain Situations

12/24/2017 – Radio Interview (American Warrior Radio 104.1 KQTH)

Christmas as a POW – Lee Ellis

12/11/2017 – Audio Interview (VoiceAmerica with Dr. Cathy Greenberg) 

Engaging and Leading with Honor

10/27/2017 -Blog Article (Christian Leadership Alliance)

When Fear Hits

8/7/2017 – Blog Article (Christian Leadership Alliance)

Winning the Power Struggle Way

6/22/2017 – Podcast Interview (Biz Communication)

Lee Ellis Keys to Communication

4/30/2017 – Newsletter Article (Dasein News)

The Four Levels of Leadership Clarity

4/24/2017 – Magazine Article (Training Magazine)

Leadership DNA: How to Use It to Assess Yourself and Employees

3/21/2017 – Podcast Interview (Gareth Young)

Lee Ellis: Vulnerability, Authenticity and Leadership

1/30/2017 – Podcast Interview (ChaosCast Radio)

Interview with Lee Ellis, 5-Year Vietnam POW, Consultant on Leadership

01/09/2017 – Blog Article (Christian Leadership Alliance CLA)

Three Strategic Tips for Living in the Balance of Leadership Paradox

1/6/2017 – Radio Interview (Chris Fabry Live)

Lee Ellis Talks Leadership and Engaging with Honor

12/16/2016 – Magazine Article (

5 Surefire Ways to Inspire Others More Deeply and Powerfully Next Year

12/9/2016 – Book Review (ReaderViews)

Book Review – Engage with Honor

12/5/2016 – Podcast Interview (Knowledge for Men)

Lee Ellis: How to Build a Culture of Courageous Accountability

11/23/2016 – Magazine Article (Dasein News Brazil)

Building a Winning Culture Through Honorable Leadership

11/22/2016 – Podcast Interview (Kathy & Mo)

What My Experience as a Vietnam POW Gave Me

11/18/2016 – Magazine Article (Forbes)

4 Leadership Lessons From 1,955 Days As A POW

11/18/2016 – Award Announcement (Best Book Awards)

Engage with Honor Book: Finalist – Business: Management & Leadership Category

Engage with Honor Book: Finalist – Best Cover Design: Non-Fiction

Announcement Link

11/11/2016 – Podcast Interview (Marietta Stories)

Georgia Farm Boy to War Hero, Lee Ellis

11/8/2016 – Radio Interview (Political Storm)

John Interviews Lee Ellis on the Presidential Election

11/7/2016 – Web Article (Money for Lunch)

Six Obstacles to Healthy Team Accountability

11/7/2016 – Web Article (Hitched Magazine)

7 Codes to Creating a Strong, Healthy Happy Relationship

11/2/2016 – Web Article (HR Daily Advisor)

Make Accountability a Normal Part of Your Business Success Plan

11/1/2016 – Newsletter Article (Smart Supervisions)

Courageous Accountability: Developing Millennials for the Future

10/4/2016 – Web Article ( Excellence Essentials)

Restoring a Culture of Honor: Leaders Must Go First in Today’s Workforce

10/2/2016 – Blog Article (Chicago Woman)

7 Ways to Restore Honor in Today’s Election Cycle

9/30/2016 – Industry Magazine (Dasein News)

Get Inspired – Leadership Questions with Lee Ellis

9/30/2016 – Blog Article (Christian Leadership Alliance)

How Faith-Filled Leaders Can Take a Courageous Stand in Today’s Culture

9/28/2016 – Print Interview (Dasein News Brazil)

Q&A with Lee Ellis on Current Leadership Issues (Portuguese)

9/26/2016 – Podcast Interview (Bob Brooks Prudent Money)

What Makes a Good Leader? Prudent Money Show

9/26/2016 – Magazine Article (Home Business)

7 Ways to Restore Honor in Today’s Election Cycle

9/25/2016 – Editorial News Article (The Augusta Chronicle)

A Call to Courage: POWs Survival is an Instructional Tale of Character and Commitment

9/22/2016 – Radio Interview (KID Radio)

Lee Ellis Discusses Cultural Issues in Accountability

9/21/2016 – News Article (The Augusta Chronicle)

Retired Air Force Col. Lee Ellis was the featured speaker at the Society of Human Resources Management’s Georgia State Council Conference.

9/20/2016 – Web Article (HBR Canada)

Is Accountability a Modern Problem?

9/18/2016 – Keynote Video Clip (Truth at Work)

America’s Best Hope Conference – Col Lee Ellis

9/15/2016 – Web Article (AlleyWatch)

Overlooking Accountability Can Trip Up Your Startup

9/14/2016 – News Article (The Journal Gazette)

Leaders Should Set Standard for Integrity, Professor Says

9/13/2016 – Radio Interview (Intrepid.Media)

Col. Lee Ellis – Are You an Honorable Businessperson?

9/9/2016 – Web Article (Elite Daily)

4 Toxic Habits That Are Ruining Your Relationship

9/7/2016 – Web Article (Multibriefs)

Making Use of Your Business-Building Advantage

9/7/2016 – Magazine Article (Forbes Online)

Has Accountability Died In Our Culture? Reviving It, Courageously

8/27/2016 – Book Review (Small Business Trends)

“Engage with Honor” Takes Leadership Lessons from Unlikely Experience

8/25/2016 – Radio Interview (New Life FM)

Col Lee Ellis Talks about Life and Leadership Accountability

8/25/2016 – Magazine Article (Networking Times)

Courageous Accountability – How to Develop Millennial Leaders

8/22/2016 – Magazine Article (Entrepreneur Magazine)

The 9C’s of Entrepreneurial Success

8/22/2016 – Podcast Interview (Ready for Takeoff Podcast)

Vietnam F-4 POW Colonel Lee Ellis

8/8/2016 – Magazine Article (The CEO Magazine)

Two Strategies for Avoid the Downward Trend in Honorable Leadership

7/26/2016 – Blog Article (IT Business Edge)

Further Insights from a Former POW Turned Business Advisor

7/19/2016 – Blog Article (IT Business Edge)

Courageous Leadership: Advice from a Former Prisoner of War

7/8/2016 – News Article (The Journal Gazette)

Retired Colonel Saw Leadership Through POW Experiences

7/4/2016 – Print and Online Article (HR Excellence Essentials)

Courageous Accountability: Developing Millennials for the Future

6/30/2016 – Print Interview (TownHall)

The Importance of Honor, Acccountability: Lessons from a Former Vietnam POW

6/15/2016 – Magazine Article (Dasein News, Brazil)

The Critical Balance Between Leadership Strategy and Execution

6/2/2016 – News Article (Aztec 21)

Lee Ellis in his Forthcoming Book, “Engage With Honor”

5/23/2016 – Endorsement Mention (PR Newswire)

New Leadership Book Uncovers “Why Leaders Fail”

4/4/2016 – Blog Series (115th Fighter Wing Official Blog)

News Article – Mother and USAF Public Affairs Leader Creates ‘Leading with Honor’ Blog Training Series

Leadership Series – Serving with Honor

3/17/0016 – TV Interview (WBIR NBC Affiliate)

RetroWeekend Welcomes Col Lee Ellis

2/22/2016 – News Article (FrongPage Mag)

Black Patriot Down: Fred Cherry Defied Communist Torture and Leftist Stereotypes

2/18/2016 – Presentation Infographic (SlideShare)

Find and Balance Your Leadership Tilt to Achieve Your Goals

2/16/2016 – Podcast Interview (The Nixon Foundation)

Col Ellis on Leadership and Captivity as a POW

2/1/2016 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

How to Integrate Intuition Skills Into Day-to-Day Leadership

1/21/2016 – Blog Articles (Truax Live – 115th Fighter Wing Blog)

Serving with Honor – Leadership Series

1/16/2016 – Magazine Article (Dasein News, Brazil)

The Risk and Rewards of Telling the Truth in Leadership 
1/8/2016 – Radio Interview (Discover Your Talent)

Lee Ellis Interview – How Did You Start Using Your Talents

12/28/2015 – Web Article (Christian Leadership Alliance)

The Value of Accountability

12/10/2015 – Podcast Interview (Discover Your Talent, Do What You Love)

Interview with Lee Ellis – Aligning People, Passion, and Purpose

12/1/2015 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

Stick to Telling Truth Even When It’s Difficult

11/21/2015 – Article and Interview (Air Force Public Affairs)

Video Interview with “Veterans in Blue” Series – Lee Shares His Story

10/13/2015 – News Article (The Nucleus)

Former Pilot, POW to Give Motivational Speech

10/7/2015 – Web Article ( – HR)

How to clarify leadership potential and growth through natural behavior

9/30/2015 – Web Article ( – HR)

Results or Relationship minded? How to balance your leadership priorities

9/23/2015 – Web Article ( – HR)

Leadership development: A Q&A with Lee Ellis

9/17/2015 – Web Article (Gathering of Eagles Foundation)

Col Lee Ellis Receives Gathering of Eagles Honor/Award

9/15/2015 – Magazine Article (Dasein News, Brazil)

Four Techniques to Avoid an Unhealthy Business Culture and Reputation
8/31/2015 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

Effective Leadership Hinging on Learning to Listen, Engage 
8/13/2015 – TV Interview (Fox and Friends)

Former POW Slams Writer Who Claims Flag is Racist

7/22/2015 – Web Article (Air Force Link)

POW Visits Pentagon Tribute Section, Reminisces About Hard Times

7/20/2015 – TV Interview (CNN News with Brooke Baldwin)

Former POW Lee Ellis Responds to Trump’s Comments Regarding McCain

7/14/2015 – Blog Talk Interview (World Positive Thinkers Radio)

Fighter Pilot Talks About Leadership

6/5/2015 – News Article and Video Interview (Montgomery Advertiser)

Eagles: Pilots, Prisoners, and Peacekeepers

6/1/2015 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

To Survive Tough Times, It Takes Going Deep and Going Long
5/30/2015 – Magazine Article (Dasein News, Brazil)

Three Leadership Steps to Restoring Healthy Accountability in Your Culture

4/9/2015 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

Follow These Leadership Steps, and See Positive Results

3/3/2015 – News Article (U.S. Air Force)

Vietnam War Veterans Honored During Ceremony at AF Memorial

3/2/2015 – TV Interview (Air Force Times)

Operation Rolling Thunder Remembered – 50 Years Later

2/1/2015 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

With a Succession Process, You’re Better Prepared for Future Growth

2/1/2015 – Industry Article (Dasein News)

The Contrast of Faith vs Reality – Balancing Your Leadership Vision for the New Year

1/7/2015 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Overcoming Leadership Barriers in 2015: Three Lessons from Unbroken

1/6/2015 – News Article (Omaha World-Herald)

Ex-Vietnam War POW, In a Visit to Nebraska, Reflects on the Leaders Who Helped Him Survive

12/29/2014 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership and Healing the Toxic Leader

12/16/2014 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Christmas in the POW Camps and Clarifying Your Culture

12/13/2014 – TV Interview (Fox and Friends)

Former Vietnam POW Talks CIA Interrogation Report

11/10/2014 – Magazine Article (Speaker Magazine)

Cracking the Emotional Shell of Your Audience: Courageous Vietnam POW Leaders Show the Way

PDF Download Version – Click Here

Online Access Version (Page 16) – Click Here

11/6/2014 – Newsletter Article (Dasein News) – Page 5

Working with Dysfunctional Dominant Personalities: How to Identify the Symptoms and Patterns

11/5/2014 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership and Team Cohesion: Three Leadership Steps to Better Camaraderie

11/4/2014 – Web Article (Southeastern Tourism Society)

Listening to Your Leadership Gut–Refine Your Intuition Skills

11/1/2014 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

Low Emotional Intelligence? Here are Four Effective Ways to Boost Your EQ

10/20/2014 – Blog Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Authentic Leadership – Three Foundational Elements for Knowing Yourself

10/17/2014 – News Article (U.S. News & World Report)

Georgia’s On Their Minds – The Peach State Senate Campaign is tight as a drum and could head to a January Run-off

10/10/2014 – TV Interview (KMBC 9, Kansas City MO)

Ramos Recruits: Son Tay Raiders Reunion

10/6/2014 – Blog Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership and the Political Season: How All Leaders Can Discern Deceit and Restore Truth

10/3/2014 – News Article (The Palatka Daily News)

Former Prisoner of War Knows How to Handle Tough Times

10/2/2014 – News Article (KCTV 5, Kansas City MO)

Veterans of the Son Tay Raid to Reunite in KC

10/2/2014 – News Article (The Kansas City Star)

Veterans of the Son Tay Raid to Reunite in KC

10/2/2014 – News Article (The Republic, Indiana)

Vietnam Vets who Took Part in the Failed Raid to Free Prisoners of War Reunite in Kansas City

10/2/2014 – News Article (White County News)

Former Prisoner of War Knows How to Handle Tough Times

9/25/2014 – Blog Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership and Succession Planning: Avoiding Costly Mistakes

9/22/2014 – Newspaper Article (Florida Times-Union)

Former POW Uses Principles Learned Imprisoned to Help Other Develop Leadership Skills

9/18/2014 – Radio Interview (KWCK Country Morning Show, Searcy AR)

Lee Ellis Talks Leadership at Harding University

9/16/2014 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership and Assessing Leadership Potential in Yourself and Others

9/10/2014 – Advertisement/Announcement (CheckPoints Magazine)

Lee Ellis Congratulates the US Air Force Academy on 60 Year of Service (Page 9)

9/9/2014 – News Article (Daily Citizen, Searcy AR)

Ellis to Kick Off Distinguished Lecture Series

9/3/2014 – TV Interview (Fox 5 D.C.)

Analysis on Leadership: Will the U.S. Fight ISIS in Syria/Iraq?

9/1/2014 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

How to Balance Your Leadership Priorities and Get People to Follow

8/25/2014 – Web Article/Interview (Z Politics)

Former POW Lee Ellis Comments on the GAO Report on Bowe Bergdahl

8/15/2014 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership, Lying, and Breaking the Honor Code

8/12/2014 – News Article (Stars and Stripes)

Exclusive: Vietnam POW Returns to the Hanoi Hilton in Search of Closure

8/7/2014 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

7/29/2014 – Web Article (Leadership Advisors)

Mission or Poeple: How to Strike the Best Balance in Your Leadership

7/27/2014 – News Interview (News 13, Orlando)

Price of War is Even Higher for POWs

7/15/2014 – TV Interview (Arise America)

Bowe Bergdahal Back on Duty with Lee Ellis

7/15/2014 – Radio Interview (WIND AM 630 Chicago)

Lee Discusses Bowe Bergdahl’s Return and Reintegration

7/4/2014 – OpEd Article (San Diego Union)

Using Truth to Lead with Honor

6/30/2014 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Freeing the Captives – How to Confront Your Personal Leadership Barriers

6/29/2014 – News Article (WTOC Channel 11, Savannah GA)

Former Vietnam POW Speaks on Leadership in Savannah

6/25/2014 – Podcast Interview (Vietnam Veteran News)

Lee Ellis – Former POW Gives Leadership Advice

6/24/2014 – Radio Interview (WTKS AM1290 – Savannah GA)

Leadership Then and Now: A Conversation with Lee Ellis

6/24/2014 – News Article (Savannah Morning News)

Former Vietnam War POW Talks Leadership in Savannah

6/9/2014 – News Article (Investors Business Daily)

Robinson Risner Rose to Torturous Challenge as POW

6/2/2014 – TV Interview (CBS This Morning)

Ex-POW on the Challenge of Coming Home After Captivity

6/1/2014 – Blog Article (Linked2Leadership)

The VA Debacle, and Four Steps to Help All Leaders Focus on the Right Goals

5/28/2014 – News Article/Radio Interview (Federal News Radio)

Courageous Leadership Inspires Former POW to Overcome Fear, Lead Others

5/22/2014 – Book Review (TwoTen Magazine)

Quarterly Review: Leading with Honor

5/20/2014 – Web Article (HR Hero)

8 Leadership Lessons from a Former POW

5/9/2014 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

Identifying the Four D’s in Dysfunctional Leaders

5/7/2014 – Web Interview (The Parnassus Group)

Interview with Lee Ellis – Author and Patriot

5/2/2014 – Radio Interview (The Martha Zoller Show)

Leading with Honor, Leadership, and Benghazi

4/27/2014 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

4 Superhero Ways to Show Courage in Leadership

4/25/2014 – News Interview (WHKY-TV 14, Hickory NC)

Leading with Honor – Lee Ellis Interview

4/22/2014 – News Article (Montgomery Advertiser)

Former POW Shares Story at Maxwell AFB

4/16/2014 – News Article (SPAR Point Group)

What’s the Game-Changer at SPAR International 2014?

4/16/2014 – News Artcle (Hickory Record)

Leadership Series Continues at LRC – Lee Ellis

4/9/2014 – Blog Article (Manufacturing Practices)

Four Superhero Ways to Show Courage in Leadership

4/7/2014 – News Article (Sheppard AFB News)

Ellis, Former POW to Speak at Sheppard Wingman Day

4/7/2014 – Blog Article/Infographic (Linked2Leadership)

Leadership Freedom Checklist – Where Are You on the Journey?

4/1/2014 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

Developing Next Generation Leaders is a Critical Step to Future Success

3/30/2014 – Newspaper Article (Sunday Times, Singapore)

POWs 5 1/2 Years in Hanoi Hell

POWs 5 1/2 Years in Hanoi Hell (Asia One Link)

3/17/2014 – OpEd Article (San Antonio Express-News)

Return to Vietnam Evokes Anger, Gratitude

3/17/2014 – Web Article (SPAR Point Group)

Leading with Honor–Do You Have What It Takes?

3/5/2014 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

Leadership Intuition

3/3/2014 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

The Epiphany to Growth and Prosperity: 3 Ways to Lead Higher

2/28/2014 – News Article (Frontpage Mag)

Lessons on the Left from the Hanoi Hilton

2/18/2014 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

Adams & Jefferson Leadership Traits

2/16/2014 – TV Interview (C-SPAN Q&A with Brian Lamb)

Lee Ellis Talks About Leadership and His Vietnam POW Experience

2/6/2014 – News Article (Clarion Ledger)

Leading with Honor: Vietnam Vet Talks About Experiences as a POW

2/3/2014 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Adams and Jefferson Leadership Traits: Which One Was the Better Leader?

2/2/2014 – Webcast (C-Span 3)

Surviving the Vietnam War

1/19/2014 – Blog Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership, Soaring, and Embracing the Power of Belief

1/15/2014 – Blog Article (Manufacturing Practices)

Pay It Forward

1/1/2014 – Survey Results (FreedomStar Media)

2013 State of Leadership Survey – Results

12/23/2013 – Radio Interview (Bill Bennett’s Morning in America)

What Leaders in America Need the Most, and A Story of Christmas Past

12/20/2013 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

The Paradox and Faith vs. Reality: What’s Your Leadership Vision for the New Year?

12/20/2013 – News Article (Thunder Roads Magazine)

Woodring Wall of Honor Dedication Veteran’s Weekend

12/11/2013 – News Article (KOLR TV10 News)

Vietnam POW Joins Us on Daybreak Thursday

12/8/2013 – News Article (KRZK-FM 106.3)

‘Teach-In’ Featuring POW at College of the Ozarks

12/5/2013 – News Article (

CofO “Teach-In” to Feature Former POW

12/4/2013 – News Article (Springfield News Leader)

Vietnam POW to Speak at College of the Ozarks

12/3/2013 – Blog Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership and Courageous Accountability

11/15/2013 -Delaware County News Network

Nation Stops to Observe and Honor Those Who Served on Veterans Day

11/11/2013 – TV News Report (KFOR Channel 4, OK)

Enid Dedicated Vietnam Memorial Wall on Veterans Day11/11/2013 – News Article (ABC Channel 8, Tulsa OK)

Veterans Day: Events and Ceremonies

11/11/2013 – News Article (News on 6, Oklahoma)

Veterans Day: Events and Ceremonies Around Nation

11/11/2013 – News Article (Fox 23, OK)

Veterans Day Ceremonies Scheduled in Oklahoma

11/11/2013 – News Article (KRMG News Talk Radio)

Former POW Speaks at Veterans Day Event

11/11/2013 – News Article ( 

Veterans Day Ceremonies Scheduled in Oklahoma

11/11/2013 – News Article (KSWO Channel 7, OK)

Former POW Dedicates Veterans Memorial in Enid

11/11/2013 – News Article (Oklahoma News 9)

Veterans Day in Oklahoma

11/11/2013 – News Article (AP News)

Former POW Speaks at Veterans Day Event

11/11/2013 – News Article (KOSU Radio)

Woodring Wall of Honor’s Retirement and Dedication Ceremony

11/11/2013 – Industry Article (Dasein News)

What Does a War Hero Have to Teach Businessmen?

11/10/2013 – TV News Report (KFOR Channel 4, OK)

Enid Dedicating Vietnam Memorial Wall on Veterans Day

11/10/2013 – News Article (Enid News)

Remebering: Ceremonies today and Monday Honor Veterans

11/6/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

3 Ways Older Leaders Can Renew Their Value

11/6/2013 – News Article (KFOR Channel 4, OK)

Enid Hosts Special Veterans Day Dedication Featuring Col. Lee Ellis

11/5/2013 – Interview Article (Encontro)

Fear Knocks Leaders: An Interview with Lee Ellis

11/5/2013 – Web Article (

Leadership Lessons from an American Prisoner of War

11/4/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

3 Ways that Older Leaders Can Renew Their Value

10/30/0013 – Magazine Article (Smart Business Magazine)

Checking Your Organizational Pulse: Four Healthy Ways to Improve Business Reputation and Results

10/30/2013 – News Article (L.A. Times)

J. Robinson Risner dies at 88; leader of Hanoi Hilton prisoners

10/26/2013 – News Article (Enid News)

Dedication: “There Will Be a Lot of Wet Eyes on November 11th”

10/1/2013 – Magazine Article (Speaker Magazine) Free Your Mind Beyond Your Circumstances

9/27/2013 – News Article (Paraiba, Brazil)

Lee Ellis Lecture to Brazilian Business Executives

9/27/2013 – OpEd Article (The Hill)

Americans Clamor for Presidential Leadership with Syria

9/26/2013 – Book Review (Blog de Jamildo, Brazil)

We Need Leaders Who Are Committed to Lead with Honor

Link – English Translation

9/24/2013 – Magazine Article (Exame Magazine, Brazil)

What a War Hero Has to Teach Businessmen

9/12/2013 – News Article (Blog de Jamildo, Brazil)

Lee Ellis’ First Visit to Brazil will Speak in Belo Horizonte and Recife

9/6/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Results vs. Relationships: Finding Your Balance on the Leadership Seesaw

8/29/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

How to Avoid Two Dangerous Trip in Leadership: Listen and Engage

8/30/2013 – Interview Article (Dasein News, Brazil)

Lee Ellis Talks Bravery, Competence, and Trust This September

8/29/2013 – Coaching Article (Smart Business Magazine)

Take These Three Steps to Restore the Practice of Healthy Accountability

8/24/2013 – News Article (Gannett News Leader)

Former POW’s Advice to College of the Ozarks Students: Focus

8/23/2013 – News Report (KLOR TV – Branson)

Former POW Share Principles with College Students

8/22/2013 – News Article (The Republic – Columbus, IN)

Former Vietnam POW to Greet New Students at College of the Ozarks

8/20/2013 – Web Article (Dasein Search Consultants)

Take a Risk–Help Someone Else

8/15/2013 – Book Review and Interview (Wounded Warrior After Action Report)

Leading with Honor – Lessons from Vietnam for Today’s Warriors (Page 16)

8/7/2013 – Opinion-Editorial Column (The Hill)

Washington Needs a Real Shot of Courage

8/5/2013 – News Article (

Alpharetta Honors ‘Old Soldiers’ – Annual Parade Draws Crowds

8/1/2013 – Periodical Article (Journal for Quality and Participation)

Understanding Your Leadership Balance (Page 4)

7/31/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

How to Avoid Two Dangerous Traps in Leadership–Listen and Engage

7/18/2013 – Web Article (Blind Dogg Books)

Interview With An American Hero

7/17/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

On Leaders and Accountability – Part 6 in the Series

7/16/2013 – News Article (Enid News and Eagle)

Former POW is Featured Speaker for Upcoming Eagle Awards

7/15/2013 – Web Article (AG Professional)

Leading with Honor–Do You Have What It Takes?

7/9/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Leaders and Difficult Decisions: The Syrian Crisis Scenarios?

7/4/2013 – Radio Interview (Global Leaders Radio)

Marketing, Leadership, and Living the Dream! 

7/1/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leaders and Accountability (Part 6): How to Take Action When Expectations Aren’t Met

6/12/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

On Leaders and Accountability – Part 6

6/11/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Edward Snowden: Courageous Leader, or Lack of Morals and Accountability

6/6/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leaders and Accountability: Celebrating the Big Payoff

5/24/2013 – News Article (Fox News Channel)

Former Vietnam POWs Commemorate Nixon Dinner 40 Years Ago

5/23/2013 – News Article (Washington Post)

Nixon Presidential Library Hosts Reunion for 200 POWs

5/23/2013 – News Article (Los Angeles Times)

A Reunion of Vietnam POWs

5/23/2013 – News Article (CBS Los Angeles)

Vietnam POWs Gather at Nixon Library for Reunion

5/23/2013 – News Article (Associated Press – AP)

Nixon Library Hosts Reunion for Vietnam POWs

5/16/2013 – Web Article (Corporate Real Estate Group)

Results vs. Relationships: Finding Balance on the Leadership Seesaw

5/14/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Leaders: How to Dig Deep and Treasure Your Trials

5/14/2013 – Web Article (Triangle Business Journal)

Vietnam POW Shares Leadership Wisdom with Rex Healthcare

4/25/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

When Businesses Grow But Leaders Don’t: Become a Conductor

4/15/2013 – News Article (AfterBurner News)

POW Recalls Hidden Treasures in Lessons Learned

4/8/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

Build Trust

4/4/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leaders and Accountability: How Mentoring and Coaching Builds Trust

4/4/2013 – News Article (Springfield News Leader)

Vietnam POW Recounts Struggles, Lessons

3/29/2013 – Historical Footage/Interviews (NBC News)

U.S. Troops, POWs Leave Vietnam – March 29, 1973

3/26/2013 – Interview Article (Leadership Advisors)

Q&A on Leadership with Lee Ellis

3/21/2013 – OpEd Article (The Washington Times)

ELLIS: Returning Home with Honor

3/20/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

When Businesses Grow but Leaders Don’t – ERP Orchestration

3/14/2013 – Web Article (OSP Magazine)

You Know You’re Smart, but What About Your Emotional Intelligence?

3/14/2013 – News Article (Yahoo News)

40 Years After Flight to Freedom, McCain Urges Vietnam Reforms

3/13/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

Leading with Honor

3/11/2013 – Press Release (ForeWord Reviews)

Leading with Honor – 2012 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards

(Finalist – Business and Economics Category)

3/11/2013 – News Article (Tampa Tribune)

Altman: Former POWs Honed Courage, Leadership at Hanoi Hilton

3/6/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

Results Vs. Relationships

3/6/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leaders and Accountability (Part 3): Cheating Scandal at Harvard and Clarifying Expectations

3/1/2013 – News Article (Academy Spirit – Pages 8-9)

Courage in the Face of Adversity

2/27/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

Treasure Your Trials

2/25/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

You Know You’re Smart, but What About Your Emotional Intelligence?

2/22/2013 – News Article (USAFA Website)

POW Talks about “Hidden Treasure” During NCLS

2/22/2013 – News Article (Academy Spirit – Page 6)

NCLS Speaker – “There was hidden treasure in the trials of being a POW”

2/14/2013 – Web Article (Manufacturing Practices)

Working with Dysfunctional Dominant Personalities

2/14/2013 – Blog Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leaders and Accountability (Part 2): Crucial to Life and the Superbowl

2/12/2013 – News Article (U.S. Department of Defense)

Operation Homecoming for Vietnam POWs Marks 40 Years

2/7/2013 – News Article (Hilltop Times)

Power in Perspective for Former POWs

2/7/2013 – West Point Pointer View Magazine

Vietnam POW Speaks to Class of 2014 on Leadership

2/6/2013 – News Article (U.S. Army Website)

Ellis, former Vietnam POW, Addresses West Point Class on Leadership

2/6/2013 – News Article (U.S. Air Force Website)

AF Chief of Staff Releases 2013 Reading List

1/25/2013 – News Article (Deseret News)

Memories Resurface for Vietnam War Heroes at Hanoi Hilton Exhibit

1/25/2013 – TV Interview (KSL TV – Salt Lake City, UT)

Former POWs Recall Experience in Vietnam at ‘Hanoi Hilton’

1/21/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Leaders: How to Fight and Win in the New Year (Part 1)

1/15/2013 – Practical Article (Journey for Quality and Participation – Jan 2013)

Understanding Your Leadership Balance

1/2/2013 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership and Accountability: Notes from the Cliff

12/25/2012 – Op-Ed Article (Washington Examiner)

Christmas in the Hanoi Hilton

12/21/2012 – Print Article (HFMA Georgia Scroll)

Results vs. Relationships (page 20)

12/21/2012 – Web Article (The North Carolina Engineer)

You Know You’re Smart, but What About Your Emotional Intelligence?

12/20/2012 – Web Article (The Virginia Engineer)

You Know You’re Smart, but What About Your Emotional Intelligence?

12/14/2012 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Leadership Effectiveness: Living Passion and Persistance in My Work

12/13/2012 – Op-Ed Article (The Daily Caller)

A Deficit of Courage

12/12/2012 – Web Article (OSP Magazine)

Results vs. Relationships: Finding Your Balance on the Relationship Seesaw

12/10/2012 – Book Review and Interview (Outcomes Magazine, CLA)

Leading with Honor – Lee Ellis Shares Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton

12/3/2012 – Book Review (

Book Review: Leading with Honor

12/2/2012 – News Article (Tampa Bay Times)

Former POW Lee Ellis Book-Signing

11/28/2012 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Leaders: How to Fight for Clarity

11/27/2012 – News Article (Access North Georgia)

Vietnam POW, Author to Speak at RMA

11/20/2012 – News Article (Appen Newspaper – North Fulton)

Veteran Shares Stories, Lessons of War

11/2/2012 – News Article (Wall Street Journal MarketWatch)

Former POW, Mighty 8th Media Share International Book Award

11/1/2012 – Book Review (Air and Space Journal)

Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton

10/31/2012 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Working with Dysfunctional Dominant Personalities

10/28/2012 – Print Article (Charlotte Observer Newspaper)

10/25/2012 – Print Article (CountyLine Magazine)

With Courage, You Can Do Anything

10/14/2012 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Leadership Deception: Not Taking the Easy Way Out

10/10/2012 – Web Article (Pulse Legal Newsletter)

Finding Your Balance on the Leadership Seesaw
10/8/2012 – Web Article (BubbleLife Grapevine iReporter)

Retired Colonel and Former Prisoner of Vietnam War Speaks to Grapevine Rotary About Leadership

10/1/2012 – Personal Article (Leadership Excellence)

Results/Relationships – Finding the Right Balance (Page 10)

9/26/2012 – Web Article (Exchange Magazine)

Results vs. Relationships – Finding Your Balance on the Relationship Seesaw

9/21/2012 – Print Article (HFMA Georgia Scroll)

In Tough Times, Treasure Your Trials (page 16)

9/14/2012 – Book Summary (USA Book News)

Leading with Honor – Award-Winning Title

9/11/2012 – Web Article (Buckhead View)

BBA to Hear Air Force Vet, POW, Leadership Author

9/6/2012 – Web Article (Promotional Consultant Today)

Results vs. Relationships

9/5/2012 – Web Article (Promotional Consultant Today)

Finding Your Balance on the Leadership Seesaw

9/1/2012 – Magazine Article (OnPatrol Magazine – USO – Fall 2012)

Learning Leadership in Hanoi. To receive a free subscription to ON★PATROL, please email or call 1-877-9ON-PATROL (1-877-966-7287).

8/20/2012 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

On Leadership, Timeless Ideas, and New Packaging

8/20/2012 – Web Article (

What about Your Emotional Intelligence?

8/19/2012 – Web Article (

Two Books Millenials Aren’t About to Read (but Should)

8/16/2012 – Web Article (The Organized Executive’s Blog)

Results vs. Relationships: Find Your Balance on the Relationship Seesaw

8/13/2012 – Leadership Article (SurgiStrategies for Outpatient Healthcare)

Results vs. Relationships: Finding Your Balance on the Leadership Seesaw

8/12/2012 – Leadership Article (Furniture World)

Results vs Relationships: Finding Your Balance on the Leadership Seesaw

8/08/2012 – Web Announcement (North Hall Middle School)

Lee Ellis Speaks to Faculty at North Hall Middle School

8/1/2012 – Magzine Article (OTC Beauty Magazine)

In Tough Times, Treasure Your Trials (August 2012 Issue, Page 64)

7/27/2012 – Radio News Report (News Talk 1150 WHBY)

Vietnam POW Tells Story at EAA Air Venture

7/24/2012 – Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

Leadership Challenge: What is the Honorable Leadership Response?

7/14/2012 – News Article (Orange County Business Journal)

Hanoi Hilton to Pacific Club7/13/2012 – Leadership Web Article (Linked2Leadership)

“On Leadership, Determination, and Consistent Effort”

7/12/2012 – Print and Web Article (OSP Magazine)

“Leading with Honor – Do You Have What It Takes?”

7/12/2012 – Print and Web Article (Wellness Magazine)

“Your Know Your’re Smart, but What About Your Emotional Intelligence?”

7/10/2012 – Personal Article (Performance 360 Magazine)

“Lead with Honor – Do You Have What It Takes?” (Page 20)

07/05/2012 – Personal Article (Leadership Excellence)

“Lead with Honor – Do You Have What It Takes?” (Page 19)

7/4/2012 – Editorial Article (The Washington Times)

The Price and Responsibilities of Liberty: All Americans Have a Mission to Preserve Freedom

7/1/2012 – Magazine Article (Points North Magazine)

Freedom Fighter – Lee Ellis

6/28/2012 – Blog Article (Linked2Leadership)

Leaders: The Price and Responsibilities of Freedom

6/8/2012 – Article (Article Weekly)

In Tough Times, Treasure Your Trials

6/7/2012 – Article (Aquatic Exercise Association)

In Tough Times, Treasure Your Trials

6/3/2012 – Book Review/Summary (Business Book Summaries)

Book Review/Summary – Leading with Honor

6/1/2012 – Book Award Press Release (Indie Excellence Book Awards)

WINNER (Leadership Category) and WINNER (Non-Fiction Book Cover) of the 2012 Indie Excellence Book Awards

5/30/2012 – Blog Article (

Remembering and Honoring Our Soldiers

5/29/2012 – News Article (World Net Daily Commentary)

Look Forward to What is Possible (Exclusive – Ellen Ratner remembers those who gave ultimate sacrifice)

5/29/2012 – Leadership Article (Linked2Leadership)

Memorial Day Reflections for All Leaders

5/28/2012 – News Article/Speech (The White House Website)

Remarks by the President at the Commemoration Ceremony of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War

5/26/2012 – News Article (NACD Directorship Magazine)

From Battlefield to Boardroom: The POW

5/26/2012 – News Article (The Charlotte Observer)

Leadership Lesson from Vietnam Still Ring True, Veteran Says

5/23/2012 – Book Award Press Release (International Book Awards)

WINNER (Business/Management Category) and FINALIST (Non-Fiction Book Cover) of the 2012 International Book Awards

5/21/2012 – Book Review (U.S. Naval Academy)

Book Review – Leading with Honor

5/17/2012 – Book Review (The VVA Veteran)

Book Review: Leader with Honor

5/11/2012 – News Article (Human Events)

Courage Lacking in U.S. Foreign Leadership

5/9/2012 – News Article (The Washington Times)

Hanoi Hilton Reunion

05/08/2012 – News Feature/Interview (ABC Washington D.C. Affiliate)

Hanoi Hilton Prisoners of War Share Survival Stories

5/8/2012 – Leadership Article (Insurance & Financial Advisor)

4 Strategies for Success Through Developing Emotional Intelligence

5/8/2012 – Leadership Article (The Success Memo)

You Know You’re Smart, but What About Your Emotional Intelligence?

5/7/2012 – Event Announcement (The Washington Times)

National Book Launch Announcement

5/7/2012 – Leadership Article (Promotional Consultant Today)

What’s Your Emotional Intelligence?

5/6/2012 – Event Announcement (

POWs Celebrate 39 Years of Freedom With Book Launch

5/4/2012 – Blog Article (

Secret Service, John Edwards, Teachers Cheating! What’s Up, Doc?

5/1/2012 Magazine Aricle (Supervision Magazine)

Leading with Honor – Do You Have What It Takes? (Page 6)

5/1/2012 – Newspaper Article (The Gainesville Times)

Vietnam Veteran Talks About Leadership Lessons from War

5/1/2012 – Book Review (

Book Review: Leading with Honor

4/26/2012 – Book Review (ForeWord Reviews)

Book Review – Leading with Honor

4/26/2012 – Book Review (

POW Guide to Great Leaders and Survival

4/26/2012 – Book Review (Hibbing Public Library)

Leading with Honor book review

4/25/2012 – Radio and Print Interview (Catalyst Business Talk Radio)

Leading with Honor – An Interview with Lee Ellis

4/15/2012 – News Feature (Medium and Message – Maria Schnabel)

POW Frees Captives of Their Fears

4/13/2012 – News Article (Investor’s Business Daily)

For A Can-Do Attitude, Mimic Military’s Top Practices

4/12/2012 – News Article (Loudoun Times)

Powerful Lessons Learned in Captivity: Vietnam POW to Speak on Leadership

4/10/2012 – Print Interview (Write Stuff Newsletter – Michael Dowling)

Author Shares His Exciting Self-Publishing Story

4/9/2012 – News Article (Exchange Magazine)

Leading with Honor: Do You Have What It Takes?

4/5/2012 – Blog Article (Linked2Leadership)

4/1/2012 – TV News Article (Fox29 San Antonio)


3/30/2012 – News Article (WOAI TV – San Antonio)

Randolph Air Force Base honors Vietnam War Freedom Flyers

3/28/2012 – News Article (San Antonio Express-News)

Former POW shares insights on leadership

3/26/2012 – Book Review (U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation)

USNA Reviews and Recommends Leading with Honor

3/24/2012 – News Article (KTVZ-TV – Central Oregon)

Ex-POW Speaks at Bend ‘Yellow Ribbon’ Event

3/20/2012 – Web Article (American Management Association)

Leading with Honor–Do You Have What It Takes?
03/14/2012 Newsletter Article (Brevard Business News – PAGE 4)

Ethics and Leadership Lessons Learned from Soldiers in POW Camps

3/12/2012 – News Article (

Former POW to Sign Book at Peach State Bank

3/11/2012 – Op-Ed Article (The Reporter – Vacaville, CA)

Leading with Honor While Under Pressure


3/6/2012 – Leadership Article (Article Weekly)

Leading with Honor: Do You Have What It Takes?

3/5/2012 – Leadership Blog Article (Linked2Leadership)

Two Successful U.S. Presidents–One Common Leadership Challenge

3/3/2012 – News Article (

First lady, Former POW Stress Action and Leadership

3/2/2012 – News Article (U.S. Department of Defense)

Face of Defense: Former POW Shares Reintegration Tips

2/6/2012 – Leading with Honor Book Review

Publisher’s Weekly book review of Leading with Honor

1/25/2012 – Blog Article by Lee Ellis

Linked2Leadership Blog

12/9/2011 – Newspaper Article

“Lee Ellis to Sign New Book on Saturday”

5/22/2011 – Web Article (Air Force Reserve Command)

Former POW Offers Insight to Pre-, Post-Deployment Reservists, Families

4/1/2011 – Event Article (CSCCa Conference)

2011 National Conference Speaker