Lee’s Latest Book Recommendation – “Eyes on the Horizon” – Read Why

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Published in 2010, ‘Eyes on the Horizon’ shares the stories and thoughts of the Former Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, General Richard B. Myers, during the critical four years following September 11. Then, he proposes a bold new plan to prepare America for the diverse national security challenges of the twenty-first century.

General Myers talks candidly about his career in the military, the unforgettable events of September 11, and the global war on terror. Myers believes that America has misidentified its adversary, focusing too narrowly on tactical battles instead of on a long-range strategy that will overcome a global insurgency. Rather than mandate what Islam should become, we must work with an international community that includes responsible non-Western states to protect against the behaviors we consider universally unacceptable—especially those that promote violence. Finally, Myers maintains we must integrate our own government agencies so that we can focus a sustained approach to this strategy.

What kind of leadership and character does it take to lead an effort like this one? Have you read this book? If so, please share your comments!

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