A Lee Ellis FAQ on Courage

A Lee Ellis FAQ –

“Courage is cited by the English author and management specialist, Simon Sinek, as the main requirement for inspired leadership. According to him, to lead is to have the nerve to risk your own neck, to take the first step and, therefore, influence teams. Do you agree with this point of view? Why?”

Lee’s Answer –

“I do agree with Simon’s statement. From years of experience as a leader and leadership consultant, I’ve seen that the most effective way to get people to develop and grow is for the leader to set the example. Leaders go first, and setting the example requires courage and vulnerability.

Moreover, leading with honor and accountability requires a mindset of humility—a willingness to engage in the struggle to balance ego and confidence with concern and caring for others. Like many attributes of leadership, this tension between confidence and humility seems paradoxical and it’s rarely easy for anyone. Believe me, as a “take-charge” personality and a former fighter pilot, I experience that tension daily. It is my core values and commitment that propel me to courageously engage in that battle.

Growth is always a struggle involving courage because it requires making hard choices to let go of what feels natural, good, and comfortable in order to reach for what we truly want—to live and lead with honor. It’s tough because we have to: (1) guard our character, (2) courageously lean into the pain of our doubts and fears, and (3) steadfastly stay committed to our goals and responsibilities. It’s a lifelong process and that’s why we have to be resilient warriors—engaged in the ever-present struggle between our ego and humility. Courageously growing with this leadership mentality is not for the faint-hearted.”

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