Leading with Honor Tip – Moving from Insecure to Secure

Quick Leading with Honor Tip: do you need a clear path to help move from insecure to more secure as a leader? Here are four practical steps that will get you to move in the right direction, literally and figuratively:

  1. Recognize your doubts and fears. They are present in every human being and except for a little doubt to keep us humble and aware of our real vulnerability, doubts and fears always undermine our success. What can you do to begin noticing these cancers in our core?
  2. Remember who you are. You are a capable person with strong values. You have fought battles before to keep your commitments, to own your responsibilities, to stand for what you believe in and to do the right thing.
  3. Reflect on how you will respond in a wise and healthy way. This often means checking in with your support group of trusted advisors. If you’re afraid to share it with this trusted inner circle, then you’re standing on dangerous ground. They can help you see the terrain more objectively and could also be a good sounding board for your plan. This reflection step is critical so that you can respond as a secure, healthy person, even though the situation may be a scary one.
  4. Respond. Go do it, but make sure it’s done with confidence and a positive attitude that is respectful of others. Your response may be a yes for one person—that makes them happy, or a no for another person—that makes them unhappy. That’s okay. You have evaluated your response and made your choice that is based on love for yourself and others. This is healthy behavior, but it’s not guaranteed that their response will be healthy! Remember that you moved your position to the right as a more secure, confident and genuine person.

As honorable leaders, we’re all in this journey together. If you don’t have an inner circle of advisors who are also focused on honorable leadership, seek them out and be generous with your time and counsel, too. We value your counsel and advice on this topic, too—please add a comment below.  

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