A Leadership Tribute – Happy Mother’s Day!

Some quick facts about these amazing, maternal leaders:

– Today, 54% of new mothers have at least some college education.  That’s up from 41% 20 years ago in 1990.

– Women make 80% of the general purchasing decisions for their families . . . 93% of the food purchases . . . and even 65% of the auto purchases.

– Moms are getting older and more educated.  In 2008, 14% of new moms were 35 or older, and 10% were in their teens.  Those numbers were the exact opposite in 1990:  There were more moms in their teens back then.

– It’s split almost perfectly 50-50 . . . half of women say that they decided to have a child when the time was right, and half say pregnancy just kind of happened and they rolled with it.



Source: Phillips & Company



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