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Engage with Honor

Thank you for purchasing bulk copies of Engage with Honor to share with others! We believe that it is one of the most powerful ways to be an influence in your culture.

Please take advantage of the tools and resources below, and share them with your team or organization.

1) Leading with Honor 1-Page Mini Report

This FREE, one-page report gives you a broad snapshot about your individual leadership style on getting results, developing relationships, and your communication style as a leader.

Please note—this report is very limited in scope and is provided for individual/personal awareness and development. This sample is not suitable as a hiring, managing, or any other HR-related function by an organization.

Register and complete this profile.

*Please note that you will be re-directed to strategic partner to complete the registration and assessment.






2) Group Discussion Guide

Download the Discussion Guide to use as part of one-on-one or team leadership development. Make copies or share digitally.

3) Six Engage with Honor Coaching Videos

4) Ten Video Clips Explaining Each Chapter

5) The Courage Challenge Card

A Tool for Maximum Employee Engagement. When you’re in a stressful leadership situation, this small yet invaluable tool will help you engage as a courageous leader. It contains the proven Leadership Engagement Model shared in Lee’s books.

Download a Digital Copy for personal use. You may also order 3″x5″ cards in our Online Store.



6) The Honor Code

7 Core Behaviors for Honorable Leadership. The Honor Code was created as a response to those individuals and leaders seeking to live with character, courage, and commitment in daily life. Not only are they foundational principles for living with honor, but they also represent the set of values that Lee Ellis and his organizations seek to fulfill as we interact with others.

Download a Digital Copy for your home or office, and share copies with your team or organization.







7) The Leadership Balance Case Study

After surveying hundreds of leaders about President Abraham Lincoln’s leadership ability to achieve great results amidst unbearably difficult circumstances, there LWH Case Study – Leadership Balance were some tangible leadership attributes that rose to the top in Lee’s research.

Download this Case Study to see how this U.S. president balanced results and relationships to get results.







8) Monthly Leading with Honor Coaching







As part of your purchase of Engage with Honor books, you will automatically begin to receive monthly Leading with Honor Coaching in your inbox. Each month’s clip from Lee Ellis provides a quick leadership coaching moment on a relevant topic in your day-to-day leadership.

Read and Watch the latest coaching.


9) Special Discounts on Training







You can receive special discount on customized quotes for live factilitated or video-based training from Lee Ellis and Leading with Honor.

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10) Leadership Behavior DNA Assessment





If you purchased 10 or more copies of Engage with Honor, you will receive instructions via email on completing your assessment.

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